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Age: 41 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

July 22nd 2009 - Hair transplant procedure with Dr Victor Hasson (Hasson and Wong)

3992 grafts

1 session


Non-Surgical Treatments:

2001-2002 (Osmotics FNS Follicle Nutrient serum). In my earlier days of desperation I used this product. The product DID NOT WORK and left me short in the pocket.  Its well advertised and described as " An Award winning product, recognised for breakthrough technology and efficacy". It was also documented on the UK television programme 'Tommorows World', so I thought it must work! However, the product was pink and gunky and gave me a great look at 21 years old meeting up with my girlfriend at the time...mmmmmm..If you enjoy rubbing a product into your hair simular to sheep semen, I imagine you would like this product. But if you want to grow/retain hair, it certainly didnt work for me!!!! After about a year, I gave up..

2002 (Cardiff clinic of trichology) - prescribed monoxidal 2.5%, and rubbed all sorts in my hair. I was given one shampoo that absolutely stunk.....which was pointed out to me a few times by my work colleagues...GREAT!...It was hard to tell if this slowed down my hair loss at the time, but it continued to receed and thin. It certainly did not grow any hair back!

2003 (Advanced hair studio)  Lazer treatment and monoxidal 5%. Spent well over £3000 at this place. Cant even remember how much I paid in the end. Again it was hard to tell if it slowed down your hair loss (as what do you compare it too?). My hair continued to receed and thin. There was no regrowth (as promised in there advertisements), my monoxidal medicine was always weeks late arriving to me, and overall I felt totally ripped off! Ended up leaving with not what was promised and a lighter wallet.

2005-2009 (Belgravia Centre London) - Prescribed propecia and monoxidal 5%. The combination of these to drugs noticably slowed down my hair loss. The service was good and the medicine was delivered on time. I did not experience any noticeable regrowth of my hair, but I strongly believe its slowed down my hairloss over a 4 year period.

2009 (Hasson and Wong - DR Hasson) - 3992 grafts. Hairline lowered and thickened in the fontal area (please see photos). The hair transplant exceeded my expectations and has so far been a complete sucess. The staff are extemely friendly and knowledgable. This is the first time hair has actually 'grown' back in thin areas in 9 years, and I know longer need to style my hair to cover up thin areas. I have been prescribed monoxidal 5% and proscar which I take daily to retain existing hair. I can't thank Dr Hasson and his team enough, and based on my experience and what I have seen from other patients, I would highly recommend this clinic.



My Hair Loss Story

At the age of 20 I noticed my hairline was starting to receed and making my forehead look larger and unproportioned with my face. The temple was starting to slightly thin as well. Over the next 9 years the hair got thinner, my forehead appeared bigger.. I cant describe in brief words the negative impact this had on my life. I constantly looked in the car mirror and dreaded sunny days, I wouldnt sit under spot lights in resturants, I HATED wedding photos (which I was in), and most other photos, when people pointed it out to me my stomach would churn, it affected relationships, my professional work...TRUST ME THE LIST WAS ENDLESS!!.

I also remember when I first noticed my hair was dissapearing......I would look in the mirror in the bathroom everyday, looking at the back, and front over and over again... I then started 'googling' and plucked up enough courage to visit a trichologist and expected her to tell me I was being paraonoid, but hell no....she said "you have MPB".....I remember feeling like this was the end of the world, feeling sick, very very low, and not sleeping much... Suicidal? No, but I didnt want to be on this planet with no hair..

Overall I thought about my hair (or lack of it, EVERYDAY!) and wanted the ground to swallow me up. For F&%k sake...Im in my 20's, not my 60's...why is this happening to me at this age????

How has my hair loss affected me?

BIG TIME!!!....see my hair loss story :(

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia + Monoxdal 5% + Hair transplants with Hasson and Wong

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

After 6 far excellent results....however I have been advised to review judgement until at least 1 year when the hair would have matured...

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Propecia + Monoxdal 5% + Hair transplants with Hasson and Wong. Take monoxidal twice per day and propecia once per day.