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I am 43 years old, resident of Hyderabad,India. My forehead was big and I have a good hair. Since last five years  I was loosing lot of hair,  like everyone I used to worry about it. One of my Engg friend who lives in US came to India in  Aug 2005 who was 80% bald . He had done HT at Dr.A . It was looking ugly. After seeing him I thought  I will never go for a HT in my life. But my opinion changed when I saw my cousin who is of my age in Oct 2008 , who was 70% bald  earlier and had gone for HT at Dr.Madhu’s .It was over a year by then. He was looking younger and good-looking. I enquired him about the procedure, cost ,side effects, medication etc., I took the Phone number of Dr.Madhu.

Before meeting Dr.Madhu I surfed the net about hair loss, HT , and all related with hair etc., I found this site is interesting, and genuine , but to my surprise Dr.Madhu’s name was not heard and not suggested in this site. As I had seen the results I decided to go for HT at Dr. Madhu’s.   

I took the appointment and met him in last week of Nov 2008.He was friendly, cleared all my doubts, queries with patience. He gave 6th Dec 2008 for the surgery. He asked me to get the CBP (Complete Blood Picture) test before the surgery. With CBP results I visited the Hospital on 6th Dec . The Surgery  Started around 3.30pm and lasted till 8.30 pm.

The Doc gave local anesthesia in donor area and on the scalp where HT was to be done.

There was no pain during the entire procedure.I was talking and cracking jokes to the technicians all the time. When whole thing was over I was looking like a Chinese guy in old Chinese martial arts film. They gave me fruit and Juice after the HT. The Doc gave me some medicines like painkillers,Bcomplex ,and 1mg of finax(May be , I am not sure).As I was told I visited next day for shampooing which I did. The photos were taken pre and post HT.After a week I visited the Doc ,he removed the stitches told me that healing is good in donor area and asked me to come after one month for checkup.

After 2 weeks  The donor area was completely healed, I resumed my yoga (at Redcross Jubli hills) . I was doing more of SHASHANKASAN  and SARVANGASAN. I personally felt in these two asanas the blood circulation to the scalp is more.

The first month the hair fall in HT area was more, then the red heads (like pimples ) started in HT area, and  a little bit itching in donor area. As the days pass the red heads and itching was gone, slowly the hair started to grow (you can see the photos).

After six months I met a person who is of 30 years old at a party. He told me that THREE YEARS back  he had HT done at Dr.A  Hyderabad. It was surprising that he still looks bald ,very few hairs here and there  in the bald area(where the HT was done).

I was worried  I thought I may look the same after 3 years. I rushed to Dr.Madhu. In last six months not even once I  visited  Dr Madhu. I was not taking medications prescribed by Dr. Madhu. The Dr. Madhu checked my scalp , told me not to worry as I was making good progress, he told me that after one year from the HT the actual results will be seen.

Here I am, a happy person and thinking of going for second HT. I will keep updating my photos in this forum……

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