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Age: 36 | Bald Class: Bald Class 4 Email Me

Dr. Rahal

3968 Grafts

1 units x 549, 2 units x 2660, 3 units x 758, 4 units x 1 = Total 8147 hairs

9th October 2012

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Finasteride since 2004

My Hair Loss Story

I believe that I began to experience hair loss as early as the age of 16.  I remember that it didnt particularly bother me at that time (if only this was the case now).  As my pattern progressed, so did my anxiousness, anger, hurt, sadness amongst many other feelings.

Always felt some kind of inferiority in social situations since experiencing hairloss.  Always aware of lighting and weather conditions.  Looking back, always tried to conceal some how.  Creative styling and experimenting with various products when natural concealment was a possibility.  So many hats, whenever possible.  To the present day, when concealer seems to be my trusted friend.  With the aid of concealers and the knowledge of a confirmed HT date, my days are generally relaxed, without too many worries.  But for sure, I feel that Im hiding behind them (concealers) , and this affects my feeling of freedom.  I try to be as outgoing as possible, and I know I achieve this, but some activities are currently crossed off (hopefully temporarily).