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I take Finasterid every day since August 2013.

My Hair Loss Story

My hairloss began at the age of 18 when I started to be going bald at the temples.

Immediately I tried to work against it and used Minoxidil. I did not like Minoxidil and perceived it as destroying my hair rather than fighting against hairloss.

I stopped using it and thought about accepting my hairloss.

However, since my hairline crawled back more and more I contacted Andreas Kraemer who is an idependent advisor with regard to hair loss. He suggested to take finasterid at least for one year before taking any other steps.

In summer 2012 I started taking finasterid in form of Finahair pills. I definately perceived that my hairloss more or less stopped after a couple of weeks. Futhermore I gained some hair back.

Furthermore Andreas Kraemer suggested Dr. Feriduni who is surgeon located in Hasselt, Belgium.

After the first consultation in August 2013 we decided to have a FUE treatment with 2600-2900 units.

The treatment will take place on the 24th and 25th of February 2014.