Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Wong



Age: 51 | Bald Class: Bald Class 6 Email Me

1 Treatment 1/31/2008

Count: 5227 total grafts consisting of:



626-threes and fours.

Treatment #2

1,600 grafts in the crown area on August 12, 2009


1,400 twos and threes

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Rogaine and Propecia 2003-2004ish

Currently taking Avadart once a week as recommended by Dr. Wong.

My Hair Loss Story

I began losing my hair in my early 20’s.  It slowed to a widow’s peak and mild crown loss until my late 20’s.  Then the peak receded and the crown widened throughout my early 30’s until my son was born.  As soon as my son was born in 2004 I reached pinnacle almost instantly.  I went from what I believe was norwood 3-4 to norwood 5-6 within about 2-4 years.  From 2004-2008 was pretty unpleasant.  I began wearing the dreadful hats.  I contemplated the shaved head look until I soon realized I was not a good fit for that look.  I did the short hair look and that did not appeal to me either.  It felt like I was forced to wear it short. 

That is a quick synopsis of my hair loss experience.  Now I will walk you down my path the hair transplant.  I began by sneaking a peek at the hair club infomercials periodically only to raise the same internal questions as it does for many of you I’m sure.  How can a hair transplant company be reputable if there are attempting to gain clients through infomercials?

I decided to call one of those companies.  It starts with a ‘B’ and ends with a ‘y’.  I made my first consult appointment in 2003 with them.  Of course I went to my appointment wearing a hat and I met with a slightly balding frail looking man in his late 60’s.  He ran a comb through my hair, took a Polaroid of my crown area and asked me what my expectations were. 

I said I would like to restore the crown area and recapture some of the widow’s peak area.  He paused for a moment and said I cannot help you.  Keep in mind I was about a norwood 4ish at the time.  I thought to myself…How could I be 32 and beyond hair repair? 

I temporarily accepted my fate and moved on with my life.  I continued wearing hats and kept my hair short.  About a year later I fought back and began trying rogain and propecia with little to no positive results.  In about 2005 or 2006 I stopped using those products and did more research into hair transplants.  I found this website and a few others and read about experiences and looked at web blogs posted by hair transplant recipients.  I focused on web blogs posted by hair transplant recipients with similar or worse hair loss than myself. 

I didn’t take long until I realized that ‘B’ ending in ‘Y’ hair transplant company may have missed something with me.  I have good density in what I believed to be the donor area.  So what’s the problem?  That brings us to 2007.  My hair loss appeared to have stabilized and it was time to go to an independent Dr. for a consult.  I made an appointment with a doctor in my area.  Again, I was told I am not a good candidate.  He thought if my hair continued receding, it would show the scar.  He thought the scar would be worse than the hair loss. 

Again, this did not make sense to me.  I did more research and decided I had to figure out who the best doctors are at doing hair transplants and then I had to research their patients.  This narrowed my research significantly to a doctor in New York, San Jose, CA and Vancouver B.C.  I read patient experiences from all of them.  I then narrowed my choice by patient complaints and results.  There was only one that I could not find any negative feedback and they were most open about results.  Hasson and Wong of Vancouver B.C.  I looked and looked but found nothing.  To the defense to the other doctors in the top three, the biggest complaints were cost for the procedures.  I could not verify or refute results as no one posted video or photo results with the commonality of Hasson and Wong patients. 

Shortly thereafter, I did the online consult and Mike a short while later Mike called.  He affirmed my expectations and explained the unique surgical procedure that Hasson and Wong use before he told me I was a perfect candidate.  Mike thought Dr. Wong was a good fit for me for a variety of reason and after meeting him it made sense.  Dr Wong is a very low key, mild mannered person.  I explained to Mike what the other guys said and he explained why they said what they did and how from their abilities and experiences, I was not a good candidate. 

Fast forward to my appointment date, 6:30AM.  Filled out light paperwork and met with Dr. Wong so he could re-assess my consult expectations of 4000 grafts was realistic.  Dr. Wong’s initial calculation was about 2000 grafts before he touched my head.  After checking scalp elasticity he realized I was a mega session candidate.  He upped his estimate to about 3500-4000 grafts.  12 hours later, I was a 5830 graft patient in one session. 

About 3 weeks later, I received a call from Mike from Hasson and Wong.  He said he had good news and bad news.  The good news was I was getting a refund of about $1,500.  The bad news was that the graft count was wrong.  It was 5230 instead of 5830.  Dr. Wong misread a 2 for an 8.  This just affirms the strong ethical and moral fiber of Hasson and Wong and their technicians. 

I spent a lot of time writing this blog because I know that hair loss adversely impacts your life as it did mine.  You’re researching because you’re concerned about your appearance.  You’re concerned about graft survival rate and scarring as I was.  It’s psychologically grating and emotionally tiring.  There are no guarantees, but Hasson and Wong are as good as it gets.  Their clients have a graft survival rates well over 90% and the scarring is amazingly minimal.  I’m almost 4 weeks into recovery and I keep my hair about a quarter inch long and I can hardly see the donor scar.

As always, do your own Due Diligence and best of luck in your life changing decisions. 

How has my hair loss affected me?

It was the first thing I thought about when I entered a room...Who is more bald then me?

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

None of the medicinal offerings were effective for me

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

My procedure took place on 1/31/2008.  So far so good.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

I recommend everyone do research and stay within your means. 

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

It's a little early to say it's life changinf but I look forward to seeing the results.

My general advice and suggestions.

Take your time and do research.  Make sure you take the time to validate claims and stay with in your means.  Also keep in mind that there is never a perfect time time financially but it will be positvely life changing if you take the time to do your own due dilligence.