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My Hair Loss Story

Had quite a bit of hair loss.  I did not want to have any replacements since the people I saw who had this done looked just terrible. I met one person and the hair replacement was excellent. Done by Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton, FL  Decided to chance it and go. Experience was excellent. Everyone was professional and polite throughout. The first 2 minutes only  had some pain during the anestesia and then that was it. No pain thoughout. The first night had some pain, but nothing to really get too upset about. Dr. Charles called me to ask if all going well and if I had any quesiton or concerns to call him. He even gave me his cellular telephone number. I am personally a physician and totally impressed with everything. I spoke with several people who went to Dr. Charles before having this done since I wanted to be certain of all. Glad I went. This is only day 2 since the surgery, but expect after 7 months to be very pleased with the result. Everything was explained in depth both before and during the procedure. The instructions after was as well also explained in depth. If anyone has any concerns of Dr. Charles, He knows what he is doing and just professional.