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Session1: 2500 grafts FUT, Dr.Glenn Charles

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Combining Propecia and 5% Minoxidil on a daily basis.

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Going into my second visit with Dr. Glenn Charles in October 2013. My first visit was December 21st 2011, where I went in for a 2500 FUT graft transplant. Some of the pre-op pic’s taken at Dr Charles office are attached.  And the 14 months post-op and current pictures.However, the results are debatable. I am not sure if the host area has been improved per the 2500 graft transplant. I am now undergoing another 2500 graft transplant over the entire affected area per Dr.Charles recommendation.

Since the first transplant my hair loss somewhat stabilized that is up until 8 months ago when I noticed some significant thinning.   At that time I decided to begin researching the possibility of hair transplants.  I had never really delved into the topic and the only thing I remember is seeing those doll-looking grafts of old.  So I was definitely stunned with the level as to which the techniques had advanced and the results looked absolutely astonishing.  I went to visit three different specialists, including Dr. Charles.  Two providers I was less than impressed with,  and the other was Bosley.  The people there were friendly enough but the reviews were less than stellar and their prices were simply illogical.

I selected Dr. Charles because of the many positive reviews and results I was able to access through the Net, as well as the feeling I got from meeting him in person.  Dr. Charles is just wonderful - extremely down to earth, knowledgable, frank, and patient in answering all of my questions.  I had a tough time deciding between Dr. Charles and another provider where I live and for whom I have the utmost respect.  Aside from what I just wrote, I selected Dr. Charles because I thought his pricing was fair in comparison to the level of expertise he brings to table, his staff was extremely nice and has worked with him for many years, and he did not expect me to shave the top of my scalp where he was implanting the grafts. 

Prior to my first session, Dr. Charles was kind enough to answer the myriad of questions that came to mind, and certainly as my nerves increased closer to the day of the procedure.  He began by giving my something to calm me down and discussed the places in which he intended to implant the grafts.  As you can see from the after photos, we selected the frontal area of my scalp, we decided to thicken the existing hair line, and not create a lower one.

As for the procedure itself, the staff tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible.  There are no two ways around it, the anesthetic shots in the sides and back of the head really hurt.  It was not a fun 5 minutes and I quickly realized that I would not be a good hostage.  The staff was very gracious and made sure to give my plenty of fluids.  I just sat there and watched  a movies.  They ordered me lunch and by 3pm I was out the door.  Dr. Charles makes sure you leave his office with not only post-op instructions, but also antibiotics, painkillers, a bottle of saline spray and a bottle of copper peptide solution.  Mind you, I didn't have to pay extra for any of these items.  He also gave me his cell phone number and called me that night to make sure I was okay.

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