Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Feller



Bald Class: Bald Class 5a Email Me

15th Jan 2007 3026 grafts Dr Feller

28th Jan 2008 2600 grafts Dr Feller

5600 grafts total!!

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll.............. Oh and 1/4 proscar every day. 

My Hair Loss Story

I started thinning out very early about 18ish and this just carried on slow into my twenties. I was using Regain at 21 and it did actually work slightly for me at the front. Anyway stopped using this as you do and lost the bit at the front that I gained. Tried it again a few times over the years and it never worked again for me.

At about 24/25 got conned into paying over £2500 at AHS for the Laser Treatment bullshit that they do. I soon realised that this was a con and knocked it on the head I actually had a stand up row with the slaes guy at the office.

Of course in between using the Regain and getting conned at AHS I was slapping any old snake oil I could get my hands on onto my head but after the AHS con I had pretty much given up on my hair loss. I was with the same girlfriend from about the age 25 to 27 and didnt bother too much about my hair as I just used to shave it down to a no1 all the time.

At about the age of 27 I had left my girlfriend and was pretty much completely bald on top and was finding it difficult to pull the same standard of bird that I was used to and I put this down completely to my hair loss maybe confidence played a part but I knew something had to be done.

Previously I had never even heard of Hair Transplants, I had obviously seen some guys with the plugs in their hair but as far as HT's went I had never heard of them. Anyway I found out about HT's on the internet and realised that this was the only solution to my problem. I had a consultation at a UK clinic to find out a little more and the consultant told me get on Propecia which I did as id never heard of it.

I started on the Propecia and was doing more research into HT's on the internet and came across the forums and got in touch with spex. The rest is history.

I have got to say that I am forever grateful to the forums and to people like spex for taking the time to help guys like me out because if it wasnt for them I am certain that I would of had a dodgy HT done somewhere.