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My transplant/plugs 20 years ago probably resulted somewhere in the region of, 600-700 plugs

# 1 Friday 27th June 2008. At Dr. Farjo's- 1,350 grafts in 1's 2's and 3's- approximately 300 of these were gained by Dr. Farjo carefully removing some of the old plugs, dividing and redistributing them.

# 2 Mon 13th July 2009. Transplant/corrective surgery by Dr. Farjo. This occassion- 1,154 grafts in 1's 2's & 3's. More of the old plugs were removed, divided and redistributed.

Non-Surgical Treatments:


My Hair Loss Story

I first noticed my hair beginning to thin when I was 20

years old, and had my first hair transplant by the time I was 22. The work that

I had done was always a disappointment and over the years I have regretted

ever having had a hair transplant at all. The reason is very simple- the

transplant was of the old plug type and has always been very noticeable. If my

self-confidence was on the wane due to male-pattern baldness, it took an even

greater blow following those early transplants. I had a couple of transplants

in the hope that perhaps the next one would lead to a more natural look.

Unfortunately this didn’t happen.

Over the next twenty years I simply resigned myself to the ‘mistake’

of ever having begun the process of hair transplant. Then I heard

Duncan Bannatyne OBE recommend Dr. Farjo on the ITV show 'Fortune Million Pound

Giveaway'. As a result I began to research modern hair transplant techniques,

including many clinics that provide the service, and kept coming back to Dr.

Farjo’s website.

Eventually I made contact with Mick at Dr. Farjo’s centre

and arranged a consultation. I was delighted with Dr. Farjo’s personal commitment

to answering the questions of a skeptic. My main concern was to

make my existing transplant more natural looking, and Dr. Farjo’s various

suggestions instilled in me a confidence that he could greatly improve upon the

work previously done.

This led to me having a transplant/corrective surgery done at Dr. Farjo’s

centre on Friday 27th June 2008.

How has my hair loss affected me?

The usual- became somewhat self-conscious

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

The old plugs type procedure that I had done over 20 years ago was a disaster, very noticable and made me more self-conscious than if I had simply been naturally bald.

Since having corrective surgery with Dr Farjo there has been quite an improvement.  I am very pleased with what he has done and also the sheer professionalism and dignity with which he and his staff work.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

It hasn't.

My general advice and suggestions.

You've read it before- Do your research