Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Pathomvanich



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3192 Grafts with Dr Path in Thailand.

Frontal region and little bit on the mid scalp.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Hair piece for 2 and half years   (wasted my time, money, hairloss and irrated my scalp)

My Hair Loss Story

I started losing hair at the age of 18.  It started of by itching  alot and lots of hairs in the pillow every morning!  It actually didnt bothar me as i didnt notice any hairloss (when looking at my head) as i had too much hair to start of with.  But then after a a couple of years of gradual hairloss i did notice slight 'see thorough' front when you look at it carfully.  Still it didnt bothar me.

However when i turned 23, it really effected me because everyday when i wake up and look in the mirror, i use to get depressed.  The frontal region thinned out with the temples receding more.  I lost confidence completely and lost contacts with alot of friends as well as i stayed away from social events.

One day i came across an add in a paper about 'hair piece' (i didnt know it was a hairpiece), The picture of a guy with some spiked hair really made me call and book a consultation with that company.  I was sold into wearing a hair piece then as i never thought about HTs or any other solution. It gave me some confidence while i was wearing the hair piece but never felt good as i was always worried if people were able to tell although it did look quite natural.  Maintenance was costly as well.  

I eventually got fed up of hair piece in summer 2008 as i really wanted to give some fresh air to my scalp!  I buzzed my remaining hair and started wearing cap, everywhere.  I became addicted to hats and wouldn't go anywhere without my hat.  Then i got so annoyed wearing it that i thought how long am i gonna do this?  wear a cap everywhere?

I started researching about a permanant solution begining of 2009 and found this wonderful site which has helped me alot in giving me some hope that i can do something about my diffuse thinning.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Too much............

Messed up my social life - friends, girls etc..

Confidence - Big time

Professional life -  I declined alot of job offers on the last minute as i thought i will not be able to cope with my hairloss in this state.


What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?


Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I am happy with the experience so far but the result is yet to be seen.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

 Propcia and Minoxidil

 Definitely Hair Transplant

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Not changed yet but has given me hope ;)

My general advice and suggestions.

Start of by researching here for about six months at least.  Decide what your goals are and work out a long term plan.   Dont make decisions on emotions.  You have suffered from hairloss already (to whatever extent) so be strong now and make decisions based on education.  Since this site is the best place for HT education, take the experienced guys advice but do make your own final decision on which surgeon will be best for you.  Remember this surgery will have a big impact on your life so make sure you pick an experienced surgeon who has satisfied patients already. That way you have a good chance of getting it right first time round.

And, lastly once you have decided on a Surgeon and you have arranged the time, do not change mind (as it can be scary sometimes)  Just go for it!