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Age: 53 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5a Email Me

One Hair Transplant. 2580 grafts.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

My Hair Loss Story

This is my story. Since I was a teenager I’ve been into exercise and staying in shape and growing up I always felt like I had really good hair, until I started seeing more of it in the sink. As I got older I started to get more and more self conscious about losing my hair. Especially because I had a lot of scarring on my left forehead from a bad case of shingles at 16 and the more my hairline receded, the more I felt like people could see it. My g.f. knew this was really bugging me, so she started doing research on the internet. We looked at everybody’s websites and it was interesting seeing some of the pretty incredible results. I found that I was spending a lot of time on Dr. Bernstein’s website because he has so many great photos and man he has written A LOT about this stuff, but mostly I picked him because he seemed more about pushing important information rather than just pushing people to get a hair transplant (something that I had already started to gather from lurking in these forums). That kind of sold me on it and gave me the push to look into him a little more.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I think it’s not just a mental issue for me, it’s a financial one. I’m a craps dealer and I’m constantly bending over the table with my head glaring under the lights. And whether it’s all in my mind or not, I’m convinced that I got better tips when I had more hair.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Obviously I am hoping that this hair transplant is the best thing but Dr. Bernstein also suggested that I start on Propecia. We spent a lot of time talking about it. At first I didn’t really want to take it because I’m really conscious about what I put in my body and I was a little nervous about possible side effects (if you catch my drift). He said that I should at least try taking it because I could just stop if I had any side effects. Thank God, so far I haven’t had any at all, so I am happy that I listened.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

It’s a little early to tell yet about the results, I only had the surgery on November 7th. but I was happy with how the surgery went and really surprised with the recovery process.

It was pretty good experience so far though, the day after the consultation I realized I forgot to ask some questions and I called his office. He called me right back so I had a lot of confidence going in and he’s always been there to answer my calls since. I also asked him to send me the photos they took the day of the operation and they sent them to me right away

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Propecia is the only thing I have tried and I just went on it.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing something for my hair sooner but when my 40th B-day started to get close, I thought if not now, then when? I figured, at least this would be a birthday present to myself that would last longer than just a few days. I don’t know how it will change my life yet, but I’m feeling more confident just knowing I DID something about it. I'll post some shots of me the morning of my procedure (Dr. B and his staff had taken them). And I'll keep posting ones that my gf took of me at home after the procedure. Gotta go, will keep you up to date on my progress!

My general advice and suggestions.

Well I guess it starts with the choice of Doctor. Don’t slack off when it comes to doing your research. If you do wind up getting surgery then don’t be like me and obsess on the “pain” (it isn’t really that bad at all).