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One session!! Just uder 2400 grafts.

Hi guys i'm a new addition to the forum but am by no means a novice in the field of hair loss (although only 24 years of age)!!
Like many, i started to lose my hair around the age of 18 and at my ripe age of 24 my once full and thick hairline had completely deteriorated and I decided that something had to be done!!

I was close to making a huge error by resulting in a UK hair transplant, however through countless hours of research on the net (and information ascertained on this brilliant forum) I knew that if I wanted fantastic results then a trip accross the pond was mandatory!!

Choosing a Doc for me was never really a difficult task after meeting Spex for the first time a couple of years ago!! Let me tell you...this guys hair is immense (thanks to the work of Dr Feller)!! Spex is a great guy and i'd recommend anyone in the UK contemplating surgery to contact him for a chat... After my chat with him, and riddled with jealousy, I decided to do my research on Dr Feller!! After 6 months of vigorous research (and thinking time) I could not find one bad word written about him! However, being as indecisive as I am I could still not force myself to book!!

I then was given the opportunity to attend a UK showcase lead by Spex where lucky Dr Feller patients could show off their newly grown and trendy haircuts ( a catwalk show for the balding man)!! Now, this made me jealous, and after seeing some of the results I was ultimately influenced in making my decision!!
As if I needed any more persuasion! I got a chance to meet Dr Feller in the flesh (in the UK). He definitley lived up to my expectations... a comforting man who was direct in telling me exactly what I needed!! I went ahead and booked my procedure for xmas time 2007, i'd always wanted to see NYC at xmas so I was essentially killing two birds with one stone!

The day of the surgery was a nervous experience however Dr Feller being the comforting man he is managed to rid me of my nerves!
The surgery passed quickly and by the time I knew it I was back in the UK!
I'm now 3.5 months post op and am already started to notice substantial growth!! My identical twin brother (also contemplating surgery) is bitter, so bitter he wants to book for a procedure this summer with the Doc.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia every day for the last two years...tried rogaine but not sure it's worth it!!

My Hair Loss Story

Hair loss effedted my life dramatically...from being an extremely confident guy, to a shy sensitive mess!! I hate genetics!!


How has my hair loss affected me?

Changed my life dramatically, from confident guy to hat wearing mess!!

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

propecia seems to have definitely stabalized my side effects to date...touch wood...or not if i'd experienced any adverse effects!! 

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

3 months post op and so far so good...touch wood!! My experience is on my front page

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

I suppose propecia... i take msm for speedy growth and use t-gel shampoo for a healthy scalp...i suspect my smoking/drinking doesn't help too much

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Not much yet...i'm still manipulated by my concealer!!

My general advice and suggestions.

Research and don't expect to have the hairline of a sixteen year lod ever again!!