Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Mohmand


Waqar - AKA - aramis69

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I decided to do HT with Dr Humayun based in Islamabad, Pakistan.  A couple of my friends had already done HT with the same doctor and were pleased with the results.  The surgery itself was pleasant, without pain.  The techs enjoyed my company.  I had 2670 grafts.  I was told I had less of 2 hair grafts.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I have tried herbal oils, herbal tablets, cosmetic lotions and low laser therapy (Hairmax lasercomb).  All without success.

My post HT current regimen, includes taking these supplements:

Biotin, MSM, Omega oils (Veg), B+ Complex


I use a herbal based ketoz shampoo and conditioner .

My Hair Loss Story

As a young teenager I had lovely thick hair. Girls would brush their hand over my hair and compliment it's style and softness.  It was one of my best features and part of my identity. Man, I had every hair style under the sun.

I first started to notice a receding hairline when I was about 28 years of age (nothing major) and gradual thinning thereafter. The receding hairline accelerated considerably in the past 3 years as well as thinning of the hairs on the mid scalp.

It came to the point of being self conscious and I decided to take action by addressing my hair thinnning.