Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Age: 40 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v

1 FUT Session on 2/12/2010. Donor Strip was roughly 30cm x 1.3cm (Two Layer Trychophytic closure used) Rough Estimate of Donor Area: 75 fu/cm2. Saggital Incisions were used. After procedure was done, I should still have roughly 6000 grafts for the future (Dr. Cooley's estimate). ACELL was used on both Main and Secondary Strip. PRP was not used, Dr. Cooley said it's experimental and is not 100% convinced it really helps so he opted to not use it. Total Grafts:  3007, 1's: 1117 (20%), 2's: 1292 (47%), 3's: 592 (32%), 4's: 6 (1%), Total Hairs: 5501. Suture Removal: 03/05/2010 (21 days after surgery) 

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Finasteride: 1.25 M,W,F. Revita Shampoo & Nioxin Conditioner: Everyday. Minoxidil (Rogaine Foam): Not Used (irritates scalp)

My Hair Loss Story

My Hair loss started when I was 23, I didn't notice anything until age 25. I spend a couple years obsessing about it and in 2007 started to do some research. I decided in 2010 to go for it. I've been on Finasteride for 1 year prior to the HT

How has my hair loss affected me?

<p>Most people don't notice it, but I do a very good job of hiding it and styling it a certain way. I used to gel my hair prior to 25, and hopefully after 8-10 months, I can start gelling my hair again</p>

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

<p>Propecia didn't do much, but I stuck with it anyways giving it the benefit of the doubt</p>

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

<p>Surgery was on 2/12/2010. I arrived in Charlotte on the 11th of February and Dr. Cooley's office had a shuttle waiting to take me to the Hotel. I then checked into the Hotel and just rested on the 11th knowing that I would have to be at the office at 7am the following day. Dr. Cooley came in and asked if I had any questions, I asked him about permanent shockloss and he said I had nothing to worry about, I also asked about the donor scar and he mentioned I had very good laxity and he wouldn't be surprised if I had a very very good scar. Dr. Cooley then drew in the hairline and it was exactly what I wanted so that was quickly determined. I then went into the surgery room and changed. I asked Dr. Cooley if it would make life easier and more efficient if he shaved my head and he said yes, so as a last minute decision I said "go for it". After the shaving, I sat front faced down and I was given a few drugs, then I was injected into the arm with something quite strong, I ended up missing the whole removal of the donor strip. After about 40 minutes I turned around and Dr. Cooley started making incisions into my head. I again did not remember most of this as I was drugged. I beleive this took roughly 1-2 hours then 1 hour before lunch they had inserted roughly 300-400 grafts. At noon, I had lunch (which I had a plethora of options and I could pretty much order anything I wanted :) yum!....) After that, the remainder of the day was placing the grafts. Graft placement took the longest and eventually they had to inject with me with Lidocaine a couple of times (which felt like pinches at worst). The surgery lasted until 7:30pm.</p> <p>So am I happy with my HT? Still to be determined </p>

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

<p>Propecia/Finasteride First, give it a 1 year and see how it progresses, if you're still not happy think long and hard if you're willing to commit to a HT</p>

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

<p>Still to be determined, One problem seen at almost 6 months out, the donor scar has not healed correctly. This was mainly due to the sutures used. I would used Dr. Cooley again if he can guaranteed that he will not use the same sutures again</p>

My general advice and suggestions.

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