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Procedure 1

Dr. Gabel



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I had my first HT with Dr Gabel on 06/12/08

1-  645
2-  2125
3-  507
4-  2

Total Grafts;  3279

Total hairs;  6424

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Started propecia 10 days post-op to the my first HT

My Hair Loss Story

Men in my family dont have too much luck with keeping their hair :(. My dad started losing his when he was 18 and I started losing mine when i was 21. Luckily I was blessed with a thick curly mane to begin with, and unnaturally low hairline so it took a few years for most people to start to notice. I lost the most hair between 24 and 26 and it started to stabilize soon after. Based on what i'd read in the blogs and my own family history, I'd decided that I'd wait until I was 30 to get an HT. That happened last year , and I'm happy to report that my first HT will be on June 12, 2008.

I've chosen Dr Gabel. He's been terrific so far.We've met twice in person and talked a bunch of times over the phone. We're going to address the front and mid section of the scalp with 2500-3000 grafts. We're not pulling the hairline forward but instead he's going to re-create my existing hairline and look to add density.