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I have had my First session of HT done by Dr Tom Rosanelli, CA, USA on March 24th. Total number of graft are 1634.  400 singles,  934 doubles , 300 multples. Around 3500 hairs in total.Actually planned for 2000 grafts but my poor densisty and laxity allowed only 1634 grafts. all the grafts are placed in frontal one third.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I am on Finastarides on alternate days and minoxidil every day. To me  minoxidil is usefule in making my hair more manageble then  than really of any regrowth, I am not sure if it is helping for nay hair growth.

My Hair Loss Story

I have benn loosing hair for last 12 years since the age of 20. Used finasteride and minoxidil solution for 6 years with successul results. But stopped using them later on. Once I stopped I strted loosing all hair, currently I am NW5.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I maintained good hair through out my 20s usig meds, so never bothered me too much. But of course loosing hair is always a concern. continuously lingers in my mind. After I stopped using meds, offlate I felt I am looking really horrible with very unmanageable hair. It bothered me little bit so thought of correcting it. I believe having decent look is very important in socail life. My aim is to look like as if I am receding than balding or person with ugly looking hair. 

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

<p> Restarted Finasterides alternate days and Minoxidil solution and Hair transplantation.</p> <p><br /> </p>

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

<p> Hair transplantation done only on March 24th  2011 for 1634 graft for frontal third. SO far my experience is excellent with very minimal discomfort. Surgery was on Thursday , I am back to work on monday without any concealers like hat. Pain is very minimal.   During the surgery I felt Dr Rosanelli and his staff are highly skilled, they know what  they are doing.   T0 know about results wait for 6 months</p>

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Hair transplant and  Finastarides

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Let us wait and see.

My general advice and suggestions.

<p><html> <body topmargin="1" leftmargin="1" marginwidth="1" marginheigth="1" style="background-color: #ffffff">Following were my thoughts before chosing a surgeon that may help you guys.I did lot of research and went back and forth selecting for a surgeon, But I have chosen Dr Rosanelli because of his experience for 25 years doing exclusivly HT. I thought 1000 time before chosing him because not many patients of him are there on this forum, so not many revieewss available. But after meeting some of his patients in person and after talking to him I felt confident and went ahead with the surgery with him. I felt Dr rosanelli is less known on this forum because he is not not active on the forum than becuase of his skill.  so I ruled out this concern. He usually does two surgeries per day but he has large number of technicians with all of them with more than 10 years of experience . so he can do two surgeries and  uuled out thi concern. He uses tiny 0.8mm pre cut blades rather than custom cut blades, I thought a lot about custom cut blades but some how I am felt a 25 yr experienced Dr knows better than me and did not want dig into technical details,Ruled out this concern, The main reason why I went with Dr rosanlli is , I felt he is giving good coverage or look with less number of graft compared to other doctors, This is just my opinion. Other factor is He is local to me. My life time donar is between 4k-5k. I wanted to use 4k. But not all at once because just in case a surgery fails I still have option to go for another one. so I do not want to go for larger sesssion, I want two sessions of  2k grafts. This is my conservative approach.  </body></html></p>