Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Hasson



Bald Class: Bald Class 5 Email Me

4724 Grafts - July 19th 2006
32cm stip - 2cm wide
Hair info in coming months after I have a follow up.

General Hair info:

Hair Type: Coarse, slight wave, thick shaft diamter, jet black color
Laxity: good, well above average
Donor Denisty: Good in back of head, slightly below average on the sides

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Propecia from june 05 to june issues with side so I made the jump to avo
Avodart from june 06 to forever (or if a yearly blood test shows a need to get off) issue yet

My Hair Loss Story

Well how does one put into words what loosing your hair is like......*@)($)%$#@.....Any how I started losing my hair at 19 by 21 I knew I was going to be in and my roommate in college both worried about hair loss looked into proscar or propecia...long story short we read that it would make you di@k fall off so I did not take it, he did...advantage my roommate he kept alot more hair when we recently meet up. As for since I have been on dht inhibitors propecia and avodart my hair loss has stopped..wish I had sacked it pun intended.

How has my hair loss affected me?

enough to not only get a hair cut...but a head cut


You will not know till you get your hair back just home much it can hold you down if you let it..

-update 3-

It once ruled my world, I owned more hats then I knew what to do with. It is something that as a man you feel you need to place blame on (parents,god,luck...etc) but in the end it just a natural cycle of life you can do nothing about SO shave it off and grow up....BOOM Dr.Hasson helped me kill that person inside of me and go back to my old how has hair loss affected me... I felt life was roller coaster when I was young ups and downs, once hairloss hit (and it hit hard) I was confident I would only be going down guess I had passed all the peaks of my ride (at 27!!!! dude that is not fair)....I am here to tell you I am back on the up swing and Dammit it feels good.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

I hope my HT


Avodart vs Propecia -I have noticed a marked improvement in my crown and general hair quality

update 3

My HT hands down, avodart has surpassed propecia in hair quality in only 8months of use.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

So far all good...waiting game


Yes & No, but way way more Y's then N's

-update 3-

Still more Y's then N's but remember it will never be as good as you like (I guess I wanted ice crem plus cake not just one or the other...sounds like the fat kid crying that he only got to eat pie)

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

visting Dr.Victor Hasson in Vancouver B.C.

HT-with a top five clinic (for me it came down to 2 doctors Hasson-Shapiro: honestly if I lived in right coast I would have gone to Ron, since I live in the left coast I went with Victor-thats how close the race was).
Avodart-if you suffer diffuse thinning you should really look into dutarasteride
oral- very effective at keeping the scalp clean and healthy
MSM-3k during first 6months po then will go down to 1k per day, improved hair texture.

-Update 3-

GO SEE DR.VICTOR HASSON....!!!(stole your ! style B-Spot!!!)tell you the truth I miss the good doc, haven't takled to him since the 3rd day after my procedure.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

don't know yet except for the fact I can't shave my head any more


view blog pics past day 100, you make the call.

-update 3-

Good or bad it will change your life for ever, I can say if things go as they have and my RX holds on to what I will clearly be for the better hands down.

My general advice and suggestions.

research till you fall a sleep at your keyboard before you dive into a ht


then get up and do it again... since 2000 every few years this HT industry seems to jump forward with something new...if you can wait do it, your results will be better. Look at work done by coalition docs 5 years ago versus today...NIGHT & DAY-

-update 3-

Try to take it slow, I know it sucks losing hair...when you are in the range of 20-30 its hell....still go slow make sure you do all the research you can....when you start you are commited for life.....Example bad HT = being married to a FAT/UGLY chick....4LIFE....every day you get more and more down on your luck....Good ht= being married to a HOT/SMART chick ...simply too good to be true.