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My Hair Loss Story

Hello - I've been losing my hair now for years. My hair loss isnt that bad in the back but my hairline is almost gone - I have been taking propecia for 2 years now. Also , I have been using rogaine for 3 years. Both have helped to slow down hair loss in the back area but have done nothing for the front. I have researched many options for hair transplantations over the years. FUE seemed to be very good as far as non scarring and faster results , but the amount of grafts I needed would have taken too long and been way out of my budget. I researched three companies , Bosley , MHR , and Dr. Glenn Charles. ( In person ) and many others online - after many hours of research I decided to go with Dr. Charles.

His attention to detail was excellent . His staff was very attentive and dillegent. From the moment I got there to the finish of the procedure it was very friendly and professional. The hardest part was the numbing shots at the beginning , after that it wasnt that bad. Im now 4 days post op and most of the pain is gone. There is some slight soreness near the donor area but I still have yet to have my sutures taken out. Also , I believe that is the area healing up and should dissapear once they are taken out and heal -

Overall , A good experiance - If you are considering FUT at least speak to DR. Glenn Charles , he is one of the best out there ! Now comes the hardest part - ( The waiting )