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luca - AKA - cillaaa

Age: 51 | Bald Class: Bald Class 5 Email Me

1’s- 406

2’s- 988

3’s- 607

Total grafts="2011" total hairs="approx." 4200

My Hair Loss Story

Hi, I had 3 previous HT (1 in 2007 with dr. Baumann and 2 in the 90.s with Bosles), and  decided to pick dr. Glenn Charles because of the good reviews I read about him; I will be very honest, the best experience ever, no pain and the staff has been incredible !!! I underwent the HT 1 month ago and I want to compliment him and his staff for their professionalism. I came back to my office exactly 7 days after the procedure and NOBODY realized I had it !!! No sign of HT and moreover no pain (not even during my sleep). Now it is a waiting game and I am looking forward to seeing my 2,011 grafts to start growing !!!   

 Though I can appreciate prospective patients' understandable apprehension in undergoing any surgical procedure, Dr. Charles smoothed the way. The predictable relatively minor discomfort of the injections, surgery , and post-operative healing process were worth it.

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