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Nice change my have got to be a happy guy!

12/29/2009 11:04:52 AM

Looks Terrific


What a great result!  And most importantly, you're very happy with it, as you should be.  It's nice to see some photos of you out enjoying life too.  That's what it's all about isn't it? :-)

Congratulations to you and kudos to Dr. Feller for another job well done.

All the Best,

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
12/14/2009 3:29:01 PM

What a difference!

What a difference it makes, NIGHT AND DAY, it makes you look 10 years younger, I´m still waiting for mine to grow in properly but can´t wait!

by Steven
12/11/2009 1:49:18 PM

looking good!

hey the 6 month mark is looking very good!
will be keeping an eye on your profile.
thanks for posting

by andy h
9/23/2009 6:00:11 PM

2 Months


They always say that the wait is the hardest part.  And I agree.

But hang in there.  In a few months, you should start seeing signs of growth that will grow and mature into healthy hair.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
3/15/2009 12:59:36 PM

I'm happy for you

I just wanted to say that I am very happy for you.  Loosing you hair at a young age is not easy.  You'll feel like a new person in a few months.

by RJS
3/14/2009 8:28:52 AM

keep ur head up

being only 24 i can relate to you bro! i haven't felt "comfortable" leaving the house in years! i think you are going to be pleasantly suprised, you did have 3,500+ grafts...that's huge! good luck!

by Carl
3/12/2009 10:38:59 PM



Congratulations on your recent hair transplant procedure with Dr. Feller.

I trust that 3500 grafts will make a nice cosmetic difference for you.  It's great to see you posting on the ofrum as well.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,

Bill - aka Billeros
Associate Publisher

by Bill
2/1/2009 8:49:33 PM

The journey starts here

Mate sorry to hear how hair loss had been effecting you. I think you've chosen a top doc and although the wait might get to you, I'm pretty sure you'll be chuffed with the results in the long run.

by imissthebarber
1/29/2009 1:25:06 PM

Small pictures

While i can see the obvious balding patterns, the pics are just too small..

by MikeTheDane
1/2/2009 7:13:52 PM

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