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Dont go lower

I think the hairline looks good -  I definately wouldn't go lower.  I'd keep those extra donors to keep the top thick later on in life.

by FurryMellon
11/14/2011 11:16:11 AM

Nice Improvement

Based on the one pic, I'd say that you've made a very nice transformation. I think it might be wise to hold off on a subsequent procedure for a few years but I do understand the hair greed. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best. Congrats!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
11/12/2011 2:03:09 AM

Looks Good

Looks good  from  here.  You have darker hair which  makes it hard to get your scalp  "covered" in lighting conditions.  Then again, darker hair usually equals thicker individual follicles.

Id say you got a great transplant, and  you should get maturation in the next four months. 

Combing the hair back, and growing it slightly longer will help all the more.  You're all set unless you decide to go for a pretty thick hairline up front with a second procedure.  You oughta be pretty happy with what you've got.

by Vick Tayback
11/8/2011 8:29:44 PM

Keen to see 8 months Photos

Big improvement. Keen to see the 8 month photos.

Easy on the boner photos haha.

by ParraPhil
9/16/2011 8:56:23 PM

I Know It's Tough to Reserve Judgment...

Don't get too wrapped up in thin spots at this point. You are really still quite early in the process. Lots of things can change in the next few months. Try to relax and wait for the majority of your growth to fill in.
Good luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
8/14/2011 4:02:50 AM

You're in the Growth Phase Now!!!

Congratulations on reaching 4 months. This is typically when the magic begins to really happen. The next two months ought to bring significant changes. Good luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
7/10/2011 4:10:54 AM

Thanks for Continuing to Update!

Still too early for changes. The next month or two should bring some grins. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
5/9/2011 2:16:36 AM

Hard to Look Normal at This Stage...

I hear ya. The first three to four months are difficult after surgery. Hang in there. Good things are coming!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
4/9/2011 5:24:11 AM

Good luck!

Hey ! congrats man ..good luck. very similar over here. young guy also! just had mine with feller in december. my 3 month is sunday..things are going good. although its exciting, the wait sucks! excited to see you updates.good luck bud

by td1022
3/17/2011 9:01:54 PM

Looks Great!

Everything looks neat and clean. Be sure to baby those grafts for the first 10 days. Looking forward to seeing your results!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
3/12/2011 2:49:21 AM

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