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Any updates

Any updated pics? Thank you for your time.

by Peter Workman
8/2/2009 2:41:49 PM

Hair transplant Disaster

My brother has had 11 corrective surgeries after Dr Tankel (the butcher) took his innocent life away. He has struggled to REPAIR ,HEAL ,comb and style his hair and has contimplated suicide and phsycotherapy due to the trauma . This procedure is a life stealer dont do it!! PLEASE!!!!!!

by Georgina
4/27/2009 10:03:23 PM


An update on your hair would be appreciated.

by kush
3/31/2009 3:17:31 AM

updated photos

Craven - do you have any updated photos now that it's been 1 year?

by Kyle
7/14/2008 10:12:56 PM


Awesome- Thanks for sharing your experience! How about an update now that its November ? :)

by Alex
11/8/2007 10:38:09 AM



At 1 month it looks like everything is healing very nicely!  Redness is very minimal.  Keep us posted.

Associate Publisher

by Bill
9/17/2007 1:24:15 PM



Congratulations in selecting a first-class HT physician to do your hair transplant.  Your immediately post op results look very clean.  This will give you a nice cosmetic improvement.  I hope you'll keep us posted with monthly updates.


Associate Publisher

by Bill
8/19/2007 12:43:15 AM

Looks Good

Looks really good man. I've seen a lot of happy patients from Shapiro's office on this site. Keep up on the updates if you can and enjoy the regrowth.

by Pete
8/6/2007 3:11:03 PM

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