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Dr. Mixter is great

I have found a lot of success with Dr. Roger Mixter in Milwaukee, Wisc. If anyone is looking for a specialist out that way.

by Julie
10/18/2010 11:57:49 AM


I'm 25 and have somewhat thinning hair.  I mean, when someone looks at me they dont think i'm a bald guy by any means.  But i am one of those that is very concious about it, and can tell that when i comb my hair that there are probably about twenty hair in the comb.  I do use finasteride, and have for about a year and a half...i honestly think that it works great and i have noticed a difference in fullness.  I also use minoxidil.  I will use these treatments until the

by Ryan
9/5/2009 4:41:10 PM


what kind of shampoo and condition would you recommend?

by dtman
6/7/2009 2:04:47 AM

Congrats on HT #3


It's nice to see such a good guy who has helped so many balding men and women on our hair loss forum be able to successfully restore his own hair one surgery at a time.  It will be nice to follow your progress once again as we see you transition from hairy to hairier :-).

Heal and grow well my friend!

Bill - aka Billeros
Associate Publisher

by Bill
4/28/2008 1:13:07 AM


Wow, you have one of my favorite results!  Looks so natural.

by TheEmp
11/7/2007 5:34:00 PM

great pics, nice hair

Looks like its worked nicely for you, your hair looks great!

by wylie
9/16/2007 2:03:31 PM


I have been considering treatment for my hair loss...I was wondering the ball park estimate for a hair transplant of around 1,000?

by Ben
9/26/2006 1:14:56 PM

coming in nicely!

I think the recent pics look great! You no longer have a bald spot and that is fantastic! It will even get thicker and better but where you are right now looks great, congrats!

by tkerr22
7/31/2006 3:44:57 PM


I'm curious about the cost.  In my situation I have thining haird maybe a little less than cd size on the back of my head (the crown).  Could you point me towards sorta the price for such a treatment or a website that calculates that. Thanks

by Chris
4/12/2006 10:30:33 AM


Hairbank, It's just incredible how much you have and will achieve with two sessions. Really covering this much bald area with you so many grafts in so little time was unthinkable even five years ago. Congratulations! I can't wait to see how the second session grows in. - Pat

by Pat
3/10/2006 6:02:12 PM

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