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Re: What was the total cost??

Gerry, the costs will vary depending on the type of procedure and the number of grafts.  BHR posts their rates on their web site.  You also have to consider the exchange rate if you're not in a EU country.  Yes, I definitely recommend Dr. Bisanga.

by Levrais
2/19/2014 8:26:30 AM

What was the total cost??

Great job.would you reccommend dr. Bisanga and does he do all of the work?? Do need to know the full cost.thank you

by Gerry Kendrick
2/7/2014 7:30:54 PM

RE: Love This Result!

Thanks David, I always appreciate your comments.

by Levrais
5/20/2013 9:37:04 PM

Love This Result!

Just awesome! I'm very happy for you.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
5/19/2013 11:00:54 PM

RE: Updates?

Hi Magnum, I will try to post some crown pics in the next few days.  I just had a light dusting of about 1200 grafts in the crown.  So, I have coverage and its not bare skin like it was preop but its see through particularly in the lower crown.

by Levrais
8/23/2012 11:23:23 PM


Hi Levrais,
Any new update pictures? how is your crown looking coming along?

8/23/2012 5:03:14 AM

Response to Hair Count

I got an estimate of the hairs that grew back by shaving my head down to stubble, zoom photo, and the painstakingly counting the stubble.  This took three days and I don't recommend doing this unless you really want to know your hair progress like I did.  See my 7 month post op post for details.

by Nothing2Lose
4/8/2012 4:47:54 PM

Re: Nice!

Thanks David!  

by Levrais
4/5/2012 7:58:47 AM


Your hair is looking just fantastic! I'm amazed at how far you've come and so happy for you! Enjoy!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
4/4/2012 9:23:49 PM

Re: Wow

Hi Sean, thanks for the feedback 

by Levrais
3/18/2012 10:53:56 PM


You look good Levrais.  The temples are coming in.  This is an outstanding FUE procedure.  Can't wait to see updates. Congrats!

by Sean
3/5/2012 4:10:46 AM


Looking very good at 5.5 months! Congratulations!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
1/8/2012 1:05:59 AM

It is hard to keep the long term in mind

Levrais - thanks for the response to my blog and encouragement.  I'm finding it hard to refrain from judgment until a year has past.  If you are right about me being at the 40-60% range, I'm going to be pretty happy with my decision to have HR.  BTW, your FUE results look great!

by Nothing2Lose
11/5/2011 4:07:15 PM

Thanks David

by Levrais
9/28/2011 11:42:21 PM

Thanks for Updating!

Two months down! In another month or two the fun begins. I'm looking forward to following you through to the end of HT #2. Happy Growing!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
9/26/2011 3:53:47 AM

Happy One Month!

Time marches on!!! In no time you'll be 4 months and begin seeing the new growth. Good luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
8/14/2011 3:29:06 AM


I had undergone HT with 1800 grafts and it was done in Mumbai,India by Dr.Sandip Sattur.

by vicvanceind
8/3/2011 3:06:30 AM

You Continue to Impress!

I'm thrilled for you! Your hair just looks fantastic!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
7/5/2011 1:46:17 AM

Looking ahead

Thanks for the comments David and JohnnyB.  I am happy with the hairline as it is now.  Any further growth or maturity will be a bonus.  I am now looking forward to the next ht.

by Levrais
5/28/2011 11:17:23 AM

Looking Good! Lot's More to Come

I'm happy to see things are progressing nicely. You've already got a good looking head of hair there and I'm sure you'll see loads more improvement in the coming months. 
Happy growing!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
4/18/2011 2:48:45 PM

At only 5 months...looking good.

I'm impressed....its only early days and you can see a real difference. You must be happy, looking forward to seeing it in another 3 months. Good for you bud!

by Johnny_B
4/12/2011 12:15:17 PM

You Must be Thrilled!

Things are looking great! I'm happy for you.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
3/28/2011 2:24:58 AM

Thanks for Updating

It looks as if things are progressing nicely for you. Please keep us posted. You should see even bigger changes in the next month or two.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
2/28/2011 2:21:26 AM

Donor Looks Great!

Nice that you can buzz so short at only one month post op. You must be thrilled!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
12/13/2010 12:28:47 AM

Looking Good at This Point

Everything looks just as it should for this time frame. Everyone is different regarding the pink/redness. I stayed pretty pink for about 3 months with both of my transplants. Hang in there.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
12/5/2010 12:31:17 AM


Thanks, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.  I wouldnt have gotten to this point without this forum.

by Levrais
11/22/2010 6:21:20 PM


Best of luck on your recent FUE. I look forward to following your progress.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
11/22/2010 3:57:28 AM

Thanks Dodger

If I get anywhere near the amount of growth you have at 5 months I will be extreemly happy.

by Levrais
11/20/2010 2:59:20 PM

Nice Work!!


Congratulations on having completed what looks like an awesome procedure!  Your HT is really going to look great once it fully grows out.  I've been extremely impressed with all of Dr.  Bisagna results.  I'm sure you are as well!  Again, great work and happy healing bud!


by Dodger
11/16/2010 2:08:25 PM

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