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Fantastic results. Show's that hair transplants work long-term.

by Melvin Moderator
5/21/2019 8:10:45 PM

I love the result

I would be very pleased if I had a hairline result like this. Congrats.

by Tony
5/17/2010 7:16:28 PM

Looks great!

Thanks for the detailed write-up on the 1 year mark. I think your ht turned out great and the shorter haircut makes a HUGE diference. Looking good man!

by Gene
5/9/2010 5:23:08 PM

Aesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Its Jan 2010. So how has HT changed your life? One of the best works I have seen on the forum. Dr. Rahal's results are truly impressive. Congratulations. 

by drmstx
2/5/2010 12:56:42 PM

8 Month Update

Mane Attraction,

Thanks for a very honest update about what you like and don't like and in displaying your hair transplant photos.  Overall, your hair looks great.  But just as you've noticed, even the best hair restoration physicians can't perfectly mimic nature in every way however, only the trained eye will spot these minor imperfections.  Your hair looks denser, refined, and very natural.  I'm glad to hear you're pleased with your results to date.

All t

by Bill
1/10/2010 11:06:15 PM

Five month update?

by Five month update ?
10/26/2009 8:26:01 PM

Hang in there you are looking good !!

You are only at four months. Compare your photo from the front when you were 21. Then before your hair transplant and now. You have got your hair back !!
From the sides it is a different story but only because you are at four months. Not five or six or even 10 months, four !! You much more growth to come and I for one am ecited for you. Rahal does excellent work you and I know that. Hang in there sir and see you at five months !!
Best to you

by DW
9/13/2009 8:11:34 PM


Hey man, it would be great if you can post some scar pictures for us. I'm thinking about Dr. Rahal, would be very helpful, ty.

by Aska
9/7/2009 11:28:35 PM

Enjoy the ride

To me this looks like steady and sure progress. Over the next 3 months you will notice a big difference. Be prepared for this to be an exceelent result.

Just wait it out my friend.


Lookin real good


by do comb in
8/8/2009 1:33:49 PM

Minutes must feel like hrs..



Had mine with Dr R 18 months on the temples and i can tell you that you wont be disappointed. Cant wait to see you results - they'll be phenomenal!


Best of luck with the wait


by Genesis
7/7/2009 10:41:02 AM

Thanks for the updates!

Looking good Mane! Thanks for the close-up of the shed hair. Mine looked exactly the same.

by Acrobaz
6/22/2009 11:07:05 AM


I think you result will be super. Thanks for your story, it brings my experiences from last August back

by Predator
6/14/2009 5:08:17 AM


Mane Attraction,

Congratulations on your recent surgery with the highly esteemed Dr. Rahal.  Your hair loss pattern is a bit unusual since from strictly the hairline view, you only look a little thin that is, until you see your scalp from the top down.  I expect that you'll have a terrific result that will help restore your confidence.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
5/10/2009 10:52:22 PM

and now we wait

6-8 months everything will be great!  Looks as iff you had a great HT and I hope you'll be happy.

by Pete
5/10/2009 7:22:04 PM


Jesus the things we go through for hair huh?  I liked reading your story, I didnt think you posted a pic until I read the whole thing, so in my mind I had imagined some exaggerated point at the front of the hairline.  Seeing it now I think the hairline is going to be great, as well as everything else.  The before and after shot is really dramatic, congrats on that crazy journey being done with (not counting the healing of course)

by Hairloss
5/9/2009 11:12:49 AM

Good luck with everything



You are right, our hair loss is pretty much the same.  You must be pretty excited for the procedure. Its ok to be nervous. Trust me when I tell you the medications that Dr. Rahal will give you will totally relax you and the procedure with fly by with movies, music and conversation with the lovely nurses.

Mt tips for after the procedureare to have a travel pillow to help you sit up and sleep to prevent swelling but that is going to happen anyway, most

by Canadian Buba
4/18/2009 7:34:09 AM

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