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I know you've got to be excited about the results Mint!!! Congrats!

by Stargazer
5/2/2010 11:11:48 AM



I'm interested in seeing an update on your progress thus far.  My pattern and color is similar to yours and I am scheduled for the same procedure with Dr. Lindsey in December.  I'd be interested to see how you're coming along 7 months out.


by Ryan
11/3/2009 5:39:30 PM


Mint 400,

Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Lindsey.  I trust you'll have a nice result when all is said and done.

Take some time and allow your scalp to heal before resuming any intense activities and keep us posted on your progress :-)

Best wishes,

Bill - aka Billeros
Associate Publisher

by Bill
4/12/2009 11:18:25 PM

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