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Pat, your hair looks great. It would be outstanding to see you post an update and a new journal showing what your hair looks now so many years later. I know you’re supporting a lot of hair now and I’m sure the community would enjoy seeing just how much hair you have :-) .

Thanks for all the work you do and sure of the community looks forward to an update, as do I :-).

Bill - Managing Publisher

by Bill - HTN
6/7/2019 10:34:02 AM

Hair Loss Treatments In Usa

Male hair loss is confined to the area at the top of the head and that
is why men who go bald are often left with hair only at the sides and
back of their heads. Why these hair follicles are left completely
unaffected by male hair loss and the hairs on the top of the head are
sensitive to DHT is one of the mysteries of life not yet solved.

by John Ibrahim
8/23/2013 2:00:04 AM

Mabrey Medical

Does anyone on the forum know anything about Mabrey Medical and Neograft?

by Mike
5/15/2012 1:42:59 PM

Pat... any latest photos?

Hi Pat... Do you have any latest photos updates after over so many years? Wish to have a look. Thank you

by denson
4/25/2011 12:28:52 PM

Question about removing the scabs

Hello Pat,
I have done my HT on Nov 11. Atter 2 weeks I
started seeing the scabs. I completely forgot to clean them in circular
motion during shower.
Instead I used a toothbrush and started to brush them until they come of, I did this for 3-4 days until all the scabs came off.
this process, even though there was no blood of the grafts, I lost many
grafts, especially with some fiber like stuff attached to it. 
biggest question is are those graf

by Good Hair
12/22/2010 11:36:54 AM

Question: Afraid to Critique Coalition Doctor


Thanks for this forum.  You're doing a lot of good and in general promoting accountability and consumer information that is invaluable.

I've created my own blog and started commenting on other guys' blogs---trying to be supportive or lend a critical comment or two based on my own extensive experiences in the HT industry.

Here's my question:  I've noticed that there is an extreme hesitation to actually be critical of a coalition physician when it seems wa

by celeb
12/19/2008 1:53:16 PM

informative, but...

Thank you for sharing your experience, but I'd put more faith in your opinion if you knew how to spell. "Loosing my hair", "Improved my moral"?! Your HT looks great, but maybe you should have spent that money on a spellchecker.

by Jay
10/5/2008 3:16:56 PM


A subtle and definite improvement, and great-looking work.  It's also good to see that hair can be transplanted within existing hair with such care and success!

Enjoy!  You are a huge help to those of us who are also doing this.

Benjamin "FacelessMan"

by Benjamin
7/7/2008 10:59:47 AM

Your Results


You're looking great my friend.

I know you were a bit disappointed being a slow starter on your last surgery, but there does seem to be an obvious difference in the front, forelock, and the crown overall. 

It's amazing too what dermatch can do (your last picture).  I personally feel artificial wearing it, but it does paint the illusion of a full head of hair.

Congratulations!  It couldn't have happened to a better guy!

Bill - aka Fa

by Bill
1/21/2008 4:23:04 PM

Congrats !!

Hi Pat,
it looks really amazing.

The concealer idee is great and works fantastic, but it looks good and natural without the conealer, too !

Do u have any options for another surgery ?

Happy growin

by NW5a
1/21/2008 8:06:03 AM



12/15/2007 8:38:31 PM

saratoga hair transplant center

I have just hagd my secong mega session with Dr. Michael Beehmer in Saratoga New York. The results are amazing and natural looking and it  was painless. After trying all other things like Rogain for years, I feel really good now about the only real way to deal with hair loss.

by Neil
10/27/2007 5:52:21 PM

Any more photos?


Your blog and web site are truly inspiring. Have you posted any more photos, especially some showing your recent crown transplant?


by Bob Coldwell
8/9/2006 9:25:56 AM


its amazing..............can u tell me plz whats cost of ur first surgery plllllzz...thank u.

by skr
6/30/2006 10:39:26 AM

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