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5 Months


Remember transplanted hair grows progressively and takes time to fully mature.  If you look at where you were prior to surgery to now, there is already an improvement.  You have several more months of growth and thickening to come.  I look forward to seeing your final results when they grow in.

Hang in there!

Best wishes,

Bill (Billeros)
Associate Publisher of the Hair Transplant Network

by Bill
6/9/2009 10:45:23 PM



Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Rahal.  I expect these results will restore a natural looking hairline and a lot more density simultaneously.  I'm sure over the course of the next several months, this will be a real life changing transformation for you :).

Keep us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,

Bill - aka Billeros
Associate Publisher

by Bill
1/11/2009 12:36:51 PM


All I can say is wow!  For a lot of different reasons.  I myself am a victim of earlier plugs but a few comments:

1. Rahal is good and looking at your donor, you're going to have a really impressive dense result when youre all done. 

2. Those micrografts, in all honesty, I would have been amazingly happy to have.  It looks like that at least grew in, and while it wasnt so natural, at least you had something you go out in public with

3. Did Rahal ex

by celeb hair vet
12/28/2008 9:18:14 PM

Shave it off!!

Go ahead and shave it off.  It feels so much better and you'll look less like bozo.  Check out my blog as I have pics of right after I shaved it down.  I had my sutures removed, waited a few days and then shaved down to a #2-clip (the scar was visible).

Heal well!

by eman
12/28/2008 4:04:23 AM


Hi Readyorchange,

don't care about the crusts. They will disappear in a few days! I think, you'll have amazing results! Keep us posted.

by DeDome
12/27/2008 7:05:05 AM

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