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Stop Showing Off Already! :-)

Aaron, as always, I'm thoroughly impressed with your hair. Thanks for continuing to keep us updated on your growth. Congrats!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
4/5/2012 1:14:22 AM

Happy Growing

Aaron, how's it goin?  How are things coming along?  So you are going to grow it out huh?  I am sure it will look good grown out too, but the faux-hawk look still kicked ass. lol 
I guess you will be posting updates again in a few days, can't wait to see them.  So far, your journey is lookin great.  The hairs are coming out really nice.  Hairline and everything looks very very natural. 

by Sean
12/17/2011 4:51:04 PM

Thanks guys

Thanks for the nice comments Plunge and Sean.  And Sean I'm glad you like the faux-hawk but unfortunately I'm growing it out.  Don't be too disappointed. ;) 

by aaron1234
12/9/2011 9:23:00 PM

Looking Great!

Aaron, it's coming along great for your 5 month mark. It's filling in really nicely and I can't wait to see your future updates.  The fohawk look kicks ass!

by Sean
12/9/2011 8:57:35 PM

Very Happy for You!

Hey Aaron. I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy with your results thus far. Your hair looks fantastic. Enjoy!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
12/5/2011 12:33:36 AM


Glad to see things are going well. Looking forward to seeing the new hair style as it grows out. Keep us updated!


by David (TakingThePlunge)
10/30/2011 3:29:57 AM

Good Catch by Dr. Paul!

Congrats on your progress and very happy to hear the Dr. Shapiro was observant and spotted your mole. Very lucky indeed! Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
10/1/2011 11:31:49 PM

Thanks for Updating!

This will be the icing on the cake for you! Looking forward to your continued updates!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
7/31/2011 8:06:03 PM

Looking Good Aaron!

Aaron, I know I've said this before but you look great and I'm very happy for you! Enjoy!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
7/5/2011 2:12:14 AM

Dude you must be writing MAD checks!

#3 wow...Can't say it's not worth it. You look amazing!

by Guest
7/2/2011 2:08:13 PM


you look absolutely awesome, dude!

by harry
6/12/2011 5:05:10 PM

awesome result

The last photos on 8/5/2010 doesnt even look like you had a HT done.  That is great quality!!

by lounyc
4/24/2011 8:43:54 AM

Looks Great!

I love this result! Congratulations!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
8/9/2010 4:06:56 AM

Great Result and Write up

Your result looks great and maybe some further thickening to come to towards 18 months. Like the write up, I guess the good result helps with this. Good to see someone with fair hair, how you progressed on the initial stages and the appearance under different lights being fair. This helps me as I'm fair and my initial result in harsh light is frustrating but I know its there!!

Good look with any future pursuits towards perfection of your temple regions et

by Johnny B
8/7/2010 9:31:30 AM


I can just see a great result around the corner. Goodluck!Month 5 is rolling around so keep us updated.

by Am0986
12/31/2009 4:27:21 AM


Honestly looks very good my friend.  Happy growing!

by Sharptooth
11/16/2009 9:48:15 AM

Healing Well


It looks like you're healing very nicely with minimal redness.  I'm looking forward to seeing the final result several months from now.  As you well know, hair restoration is a process that takes time.  But the end result is often worth it for those who are diligent :-).

Hang in there buddy,

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
10/18/2009 11:05:01 PM

Good luck

aaron, thanks for commenting on my progress in the forum. I did follow your first HT. I expect that you are going to be really pleased with your second one with SMG. A top doctor makes a definite difference as you know. As for me, I am pretty happy with my progress so far and expecting more in the coming months.

by phxind
9/1/2009 1:56:36 PM


Hey friend, good luck on this one. I hope you come up with a great result, my case is kinda similar to yours.
Best of luck.

by Aska
8/23/2009 12:47:25 AM


Hey Aaron! Glad to see you went with Shapiro this time around. Hope it turns out great,i will be following your blog :)

by Gene
8/22/2009 12:05:17 AM

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