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Thanks for Continuing to Update

I've been following your updates closely. I'm glad to see things are moving forward for you. I hope you end up with the results you are looking for. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
1/17/2011 3:44:27 AM

Happy 10 Months!

Thanks for updating us. Good luck on your upcoming scar revision!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
12/13/2010 12:04:17 AM

Looks Good!

You hair is looking great! I'm interested to see how ACell works out for you. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
11/13/2010 11:02:44 PM

Thanks for the Update!

I've been following your regular updates. I think your hairlines is looking good. I hope you scar turns out the way you hope. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
10/18/2010 12:35:46 AM

Here's to Continued Growth!!

Month 7 is looking good. Glad you hear you are seeing regular improvement. I'm sure month 8 will bring the added density you are hoping for. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
9/19/2010 2:14:10 AM

Donor Scar

I think I have the same problem you had with your donor scar. Did he mention there is a fix?? What was his solution? I noticed we had our procedures done at approximately around the same time. Let me know. Thanks.

by buynpower
7/26/2010 10:30:18 PM

Still a Waiting Game!

Hang in there man! I know it's tempting to want to analyze your hair at this stage but give it time. I was a slow grower and continued to see improvement through 14 months!
Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/19/2010 1:45:32 AM

Shock loss?

Generally with diffuse thinning on top there is much miniaturization, which are hairs on their last leg. Did Dr Cooley say you have nothing to worry about because you didn't have miniaturization? That seems contradictory. In any case, it looks GREAT so far! Congrats.

by Brandon
4/25/2010 2:21:31 PM


Hi, I wanted to get some info from you as I feel we have the same hair loss issue. When dry my hair looks fine, but when wet is when you can see the real hair loss. I was hoping that when getting the HT the gratfs will be planted in with the exisiting hair rather than have that whole area shaved off then planting new hair and growing from scratch. Is that possible? As I see your HT has all your hair shaved.


by KeepHair
4/19/2010 12:04:14 AM

looking good

its looking good, and seems to be growing very fast for only 1 month. are those new hairs there to stay, or will they go through shock loss?

by Jim C
3/30/2010 10:26:51 PM

Scar is Looking Good

Thanks for your update and congratulations on your hair transplant with Dr. Cooley. All looks normal, and now the waiting game begins! Please keep us posted.
Anthony (youngsuccess)

by Youngsuccess
3/7/2010 8:08:16 PM

did you meet with doc ahead of your procedure

quick question...did you visit with the doc ahead of procedure day?  personally i don't see this as necessary and was just curious if you scheduled the appt, flew in, had a quick pre-op meet to agree the hairline and then did it.  cheers!

by hairlessnuk
3/5/2010 9:27:11 PM

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