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Great Transformation!

Congratulations! Your hair looks great!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/24/2012 2:22:05 AM

Good job choosing dr. Rahal!!

Hey good luck with the hts i think it'll look great! I'm doing some more work soon maybe.. How has the back of the fue turned out??? Please post more photos!?

by Youngandy
4/12/2012 10:48:45 PM

It Will All Be Worth It!

I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end. I agree with ParraPhil. I suggest getting a hair cut to start blending your hair. You'll look normal in no time. Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
11/12/2011 1:53:06 AM


Hey mate, I'd cut the back of your hair / sides with a number 3 so it blends in with the FUE donor section. With your hair being black it will fill in really quickly.

That hairline is looking quite sweet also.

by ParraPhil
10/31/2011 7:35:48 PM


Thanks for all the support, David!!

by hadenuf
10/30/2011 10:08:26 AM


Wow! You're moving right along! Congrats on your second FUE. This should look amazing when it's all said and done. Keep us posted!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
10/30/2011 3:24:25 AM

Hang in There!

Still too early for big changes. You're only just beginning. I wish you luck in the coming months! Happy Growing!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
7/5/2011 3:02:52 AM

Thanks for Updating!

Good to hear that you are healing well! Now get out there and hit the gym!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/25/2011 4:19:55 AM


Congrats on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Rahal. He never fails to impress so I'm sure you'll be a happy and hairy man in short order.
Best of luck!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/5/2011 3:28:41 AM

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