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hair loss treatment

Hi, I'm around 40 and I think that hair transplantation should be last step if nothing helped. I strongly recommend to give a try natural methods first. After fighting more than 6 months with alopecia I found healhairloss.com and just followed what is recommended there. Very unexpensive solutions. Within few months my hair start growing again. Thank you.

by Rok49
12/20/2019 8:38:09 PM

4 months

Things seem to be spot on for four months. I know it’s difficult to be patient however, many people don’t experience a lot of growth at this time and it takes a couple more months. So hang in there, I appreciate you sharing your monthly progress pictures. Things will begin to get exciting The following months. I’m looking forward to seeing it :-)

Bill - HTN

by Bill - HTN
6/2/2019 11:07:03 PM

Your 4th Hair Transplant


Congrats on taking the plunge on a fourth hair transplant. You have now had as many as I have :-). Everything looks as expected for three months so I’m sure you will be on track for exceptional results in the many months to come. Hopefully you’ve also had a chance to view the new patient website format which should be much easier to use especially on a mobile device. If not, please come back and check out my comment and see how everything works on a mobile device in the computer. I think you’ll find it’s much easier to use and much more modern looking. We look forward to following your progress.


by Bill HTN
5/4/2019 4:27:36 PM

Looking Good!

You've come a long, long way! Hair looks great! Congrats!

by David - Moderator
4/24/2017 12:07:08 AM

One Year Looks Good


Thanks for posting your one year results, your hair looks great. I know you have hair greed and if you want, you could always go back for more in the future. But I'd be very pleased if I were you...even with wet hair it looks thick.

Best wishes,


by Bill - HTN
4/21/2017 8:58:21 AM


Thank you Bill. I appreciate it. Hair greed is real. 😁

by Hank
3/26/2017 10:13:12 PM

Wanting More...


I just looked at your recent photos and journal on 3/20 and wow! Your hair looks great even wet! That said, I know first-hand what it's like to want more. They call this "hair greed". There's nothing wrong with wanting more and you can always go back for another procedure. But I hope you at least take some time and appreciate the dramatic improvement in your hair. Things are looking good!

Best wishes,


by Bill - HTN
3/24/2017 7:17:43 AM

Thank you

Thanks Bill and David. Appreciate the kind words.

by Hank
3/20/2017 10:27:41 PM

Looks Great!

You've come a long way! Your hairline looks perfectly natural. Congrats!

by David - Moderator
3/20/2017 10:25:26 PM

Looks Great!


Thanks for posting another update of your result so far. Your hair looks great, even wet! You must be thrilled with your result.

I look forward to your next update.

Best wishes,


by Bill - Hair Transplant Network
3/2/2017 10:45:31 AM

Coming Along Nicely!

Looks like things are going well so far! Happy Growing!

by David - Moderator
1/17/2017 12:01:08 AM

Looking Good

Things are really starting to look good. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,


by Bill - Hair Transplant Network
11/15/2016 5:56:57 AM


Thank you David.

by Hank
10/25/2016 12:17:40 AM

Coming Along

Looks like things are moving in the right direction. Still lots of time for improvement. Good Luck!

by David - Moderator
10/23/2016 10:36:14 PM

Thanks for the Update!

Moving right along! The next couple of months should bring bigger changes. I'm looking out for your updates. Good luck!

by David - Moderator
9/18/2016 10:28:28 PM

Three Months!

Congrats on hitting the exciting 3 month mark!

by David - Moderator
7/25/2016 10:24:32 PM

Nice Update

Thanks for keeping us updated on your case. Still very early but you're getting closer to the fun. Good luck!

by David - Moderator
6/3/2016 6:48:41 AM


Congrats on your most recent hair transplant with Dr. Meshkin! I'll be following your case again!

by David - Moderator
5/2/2016 4:19:13 AM

Thank you

Thanks David.

by Hank
4/30/2016 4:47:17 PM

You've Come a Long Way!

Your results are definitely very good. I think another procedure will certainly bring you to where you'd like to be. Please keep us updated on your decision.

by David
12/14/2015 1:34:37 AM

Very Nice!

Your hair is looking good! Enjoy!

by David
8/14/2015 12:47:23 AM

Looks Good!

Glad you hear you're happy overall. We're our own worst critics and always want just a bit more density but I think you've come a long way.

by David
7/19/2015 8:50:27 PM


Looks like this is shaping up to be a success! Glad to see that you're happy with it thus far. I'll bee watching for your continued updates.

by David - Moderator
6/28/2015 11:25:07 PM

Looking Good!

Glad to see that things are continuing to improve. You should still have lots to come. Good luck!

by David (TakingThePlung)
5/11/2015 11:16:49 AM

Coming Along!

Looks like things are coming along nicely. Glad to hear you're happy the progress so far.

by David (TakingThePlung)
4/20/2015 1:00:55 AM

Thanks for Updating!

As you said, still early days but keep updating us. It's getting closer to the fun.

by David (TakingThePlung)
2/17/2015 2:20:22 AM

How's It Going?

Any changes since your last update?

by David (TakingThePlung)
1/26/2015 1:32:55 AM


Thank You David!

by Hank Chinaski
1/10/2015 1:28:22 PM


Congrats on your second op! I'm looking forward to following your progress.

by David (TakingThePlung)
11/17/2014 2:10:28 AM


wmcwallace66 -

Looks great my friend! I would imagine you'll need to rely on concealor or product less and less as your recipient hair thickens over time. No worries!


by Stardog
6/28/2010 5:22:02 PM

you must be happy


it looks really good .. I really hope that I get the same result, is almost 3 months, with the same hair loss and 1600 grafts

by Hero_85
6/28/2010 5:18:42 AM

!! Month Pic

That's a great pic man! Your hair is looking awesome! Honestly, you look like you could have been a cast member on LOST! And you know all those guys had great hair! Congratulations!

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/27/2010 7:55:27 PM

Great Transformation!

You've come a long way from balding to hairy and it's not over yet! You must be very happy! Keep us posted.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
6/12/2010 1:01:10 AM

too few grafts?

Your results look good for 1500 grafts, however I think if you want more density with no concealer you simply shouhld have had a lot more grafts...  I think I had a similar area covered as you, but with over 4000 grafts at 46cm2.
Do you know the density of the grafts you had per cm2?  or do you plan a second op?

by david
6/11/2010 2:00:32 AM

Not sure

I've seen your pics before and after your ht and I'm not sure i see a big diference, How many graft you got transplanted?

by Trukutru
5/16/2010 9:42:17 PM


Megatron, yeah I must say I am happy with results.

by B
5/15/2010 4:18:45 PM

are you happy?

it's tough to judge your results from your pics.  months 8 & 9 pics look better than pre 7 months, but your hair is combed back so it's hard to tell.  what's most important is if you're happy or not.  are you?

by Megatron
4/16/2010 6:34:17 PM

4 Months - New Hair Growth


I'm sure you're glad that the new hair is finally starting to emerge from the scalp at 4 months.  Hair growth is slow and gradual and takes up to a year to mature.  But in the end, I expect you'll have a soft natural looking hairline that blends into the rest of your natural hair.

I look forward to seeing your pictures next month.

Best wishes,

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
11/15/2009 11:58:57 PM

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by Kazy L.
10/14/2009 10:29:26 AM

2 Months


Everything looks as I'd expect at 2 months.  And you've healed very niely after the procedure.

I look forward to following your progress.

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
9/13/2009 9:53:59 PM



Congratulations on your recent hair transplant and for selecting a terrific surgeon.  I'm sure you will be very pleased with your result.

All the Best and Happy Growing!

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
7/26/2009 11:27:26 PM

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