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Definite Progress

For a relatively small amount of grafts as far as crown loss is concerned, I think the procedure has broken up the appearance of the bald spot. Thanks for the 10 month update and please keep us posted.
Anthony (youngsuccess)

by Youngsuccess
2/28/2010 8:21:33 PM

how many grafts?

hey, how many grafts you had and how much you paid for that?

by Harry
11/16/2009 4:50:07 PM

Nice Progress So Far


It looks like you've had nice progress so far and there's still more to come.

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress and I look forward to seeing more from you in the coming months.

All the Best,

Bill (Billeros)

by Bill
11/16/2009 12:15:14 AM


Looking good mgem. The redness went really quickly, so you look like a rapid healer. Best wishes.

by Acrobaz
5/23/2009 3:37:12 PM

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