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How are things going

How are things going.Thanks for your time.



by Peter Workman
8/2/2009 2:31:39 PM

Thanks for the AWESOME blog!

Thanks for the incredibly detailed blog. One of the most detailed on the site. It really helped me make my decision. I'm going to see if I could make my blog as good ;)
BTW- Any chance of getting an 'AFTER' shot without product in your hair? I think it makes it slightly difficult to see the thickness.

by La LA Land
12/17/2008 2:46:16 PM

A beautiful job

As a recent hair transplant patient myself, I have to say, I think Dr. Ron Shapiro is probably the best in his field. His work is so delicate and obviously has a nice light touch when it comes to creating a hairline. No heavy hand here. Congratulations to both the patient and the beautiful work from the doctor.

by Bobby G.
3/2/2008 9:35:11 PM

Looks great

Any new pics from April or May?

by Brad
5/12/2007 1:29:27 AM


Fantastic,congratulations!,i think Doctor Shapiro is the best!

by Dieguito
4/5/2007 8:29:07 PM

Looking Good

Excellent.  Benefit of thick hair.  Makes 3000 grafts look like 5000.

Good for you.  Would like to see combed back or front also but excellent progress.


by Gil
3/24/2007 8:15:52 PM


Huge difference from month 4 - 6, the next 2 months or so will only
soften the look and add density.  Great results, you should be
very happy, and only 3100 grafts.

by Ryan
2/2/2007 1:23:57 PM

Looking great

Hey Milton,

I have pretty much the exact same hair loss pattern as you, very narrow
at the top midscalp (I guess we can say we're lucky).  I am very
encouraged by your progress and look forward to experiencing the same
type of growth.

by "Losing It"
1/5/2007 10:58:32 AM

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