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Why not post before pictures because otherwise people can't see what exactlt the results are?

by Clint
7/31/2009 3:02:44 PM

Looks Great


Thanks for creating a hair loss weblog and posting your impressive transformation photos. 

It will also be great to meet you in Montreal at the ISHRS conference and 10 year celebration party of the Hair Transplant Network.

See you in about a week!

Best wishes,

Bill - aka Billeros
Associate Publisher

by Bill
8/24/2008 11:19:39 PM

Looking Good......


It looks great.  How many grafts did you have transplanted?

by Dewayne
5/20/2008 4:59:55 PM


Panama Jimmy,
It's great to see a long time friend benefiting from this community and one of its most highly respected physicians, Dr. Charles. I still laugh when I recall how you sprung it on me one year later that you had actually done surgery. When you asked me if any thing was different about you and I knew you looked younger but I couldn't determine why. Then you showed me your before and afters. It's a great compliment to Dr. Charles that I had no idea you had a hair transplant. I t

by Pat
5/19/2008 2:43:24 PM

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