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MPB Experience

My Story is almost similar to your story. Especially the part "I went through the universal process of over analyzing everything I was doing".
My Bio,
Age - 26
Transplant - Recently performed[1300 Grafts, FUT, Frontal Portion], had to literally argue with a really enlightened surgeon[Who was not ready to perform the surgery on me] as according to him i was actually young for the process, But then again I looked too old for me and persuaded him to perform the surgery, My Results would be out after 2 months from now.
Drug Regimen:
Finasteride 1mg - Daily
Minoxidil 5% lotion - Twice a  day
Novophane Vitamin Tablets - Once Daily

Bottom Line : The above has really worked out well to me in comparison to my fellow pals who started balding after me and have lost too much hairs compared to me now.
My Suggestion :
Must Use :  
Finasteride 1mg - Daily
Novophane Vitamin Tablets[Or Any hair supplement Vitamin+Mineral tablets - Once Daily

Optional : 
Minoxidil 5% lotion - Twice a  day
Reason - Tedious to apply[30mins a day for 2 applications], Hence If the hair thinning is just beginning for you then just use Finasteride and Vitamin tablets and dont use Minoxidil. But If your hair thinning/Falling is quater way through then also use Minoxidil alongside.
P.S : Never become obsessed with or depressed about Hair Loss[It is hereditory and it was nothing we invited/sinned upon ourselves] but Be Confident and never let go of your hairs without a fight and Trust me we are now in an Era where we can actually win this fight with all the right weapons[Finasteride, Vitamin Tabs, Minoxidil, Lasercomb, Hair Fibers, Transplant(Inorder of their application)] on our side.

by Ravi
2/20/2013 2:17:52 AM

Good results!

Hi - Thanks for the comments on my blog.  I am in Calgary, Canada, and my surgeon was Dr. Bruce Allan.  He is the surgeon for the Hair Club. 

I must say that your results look outstanding!  For the money I spent and the ugliness of having the scabs, etc, I hope my results are half as good as yours.

Keep updating and in touch.


by Jamie (onesweetwhirled)
3/7/2010 9:22:53 PM

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