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Perfectly Normal

Have no fear! What you are describing in perfectly normal at two months. I remained pinkish for months and pimples are a good sign that hair is beginning to germinate below the scalp. Your work was done by one of the best. I'm sure you'll be very happy in a few more months. Hang in there.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
5/13/2011 4:57:52 AM

How 'Bout Sharing Some Photos?

We'd love to see your pre and post-op photos if you've got them.

by David (TakingThePlunge)
5/9/2011 2:23:27 AM

Where's all the pics?

Why even create a blog?

by Guest
5/8/2011 9:46:26 AM

Sounds good

Hi Zox,
Congratulations on your hair transplant.  
How much (per graft) did you pay for your hair transplant?  I am really interested in Ferudini, but unfortunately there seems to be just a handful of patient results in this website.  I hope more people like yourself post more results.  
 Please don't be like those who post a few pics in the beginning and stop updating after a couple of months.  Please post pictures of your scalp and hairline after the surgery, and please, please, please do keep us updated (with pics) every other month, if possible.  

by Hussain
5/5/2011 6:16:26 PM

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