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Saw a recent news report, June 2008, where a surgeon was able to help build a hairline for a young female with burns on her head from an accident. I made an appointment with the clinic from the news report and another clinic - Shapiro Medical Group(SMG). I was able to get a consult with Shapiro first and had a good consult with Matt. I was thouroughly impressed with what I heard and saw, and with an availablilty of a surgery date the next week, compared with a 3-4 month wait, I jumped on the chance. Although, I would normally do more intensive research, I was comfortable with what I saw, heard, and read about the doctors at Shapiro.

My surgery was performed on July 8, 2008. These are the graft/hair results from the donor area provided by Dr. Paul. He wanted me to mention my tight donor area and so he was not able to get as wide a donor area but it was a lot more than what we had discussed in the consult.

Of the 1.2 cm wide strip I took out 18cm in length

Of the 1.0 cm wide strip I took out 15 cm in length.

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Non-Surgical Treatments:

Used Propecia with good results back in late 90's - mistake was to stop using it so early in hair loss. I tried Scalp Med solution this past year for several months with no real good results - will stop using that after having HT surgery and start with Rogaine. I would recommend anyone starting to thin to get on fin.

My Hair Loss Story

I first started to notice the thining of my hair in my early 20's, maybe about 21. People would comment about me getting "thin" on top and one comment I remember was someone thought I looked 10 years older - maybe that was because I just looked older with the way my facial hair grows out. Initially, I was not bothered by the comments because I still looked the same.

My thinning was not much of a problem, probably because it was more localized in the crown area, until I was around 24 or 25. I could visible tell the front half was thinning. I started to do a lottle research and heard of a drug called Propecia. I started taking Propecia around '97-'98 and had great results. My thining hair grew in thicker and my hair seemed to have a fuller appearance and the crown area still looked good. (I will try to post some pictures that show the progression of the hair loss). I took Propecia for around a year a then stopped for what reason I don't remember.

I started to notice hair loss/thining and so I tried Propecia a second time. I must not have been patient enough and so stopped after 4-6 months of use. I got married in 2001 and had several kids. I really started to notice hair loss around 2003 and it really took off til present day.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Propecia worked very well and I would recommened that path for any younger men who notice a thining of their hair. One pill in the morning is such an easy thing to do.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I am just under one week post-op and I can tell a great difference in how I look. Although, the first session on;y treated the front 1/3 of my scalp I am going to wait a year using propecia to see how the grafts grow in and how the crown looks. I may decide to do another session to concentrate on the crown, add density, or lower hair line.