Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Cooley



Bald Class: Bald Class 4

I was Cooleyfied on 8/30/06 with 3507 grafts

and am very pleased with his skill and staff. I was in the chair from

7am to 11pm where Dr. Cooley drove me to my hotel himself when it was

all done. I will gladly see him again for all of my dermatology needs

in the future and am very excited to see the results in the next few


Donor Density: 80-100/Fu/cm2

Donor Laxity: good

Donor Length: 32 cm

Donor Width: 1.5-1.2 cm


FU Total#

1's 1108

2's 1744

3's 580

4's 75

Total 3507


30 years old

Diffuse stage 2 to 3

Thinning since 21

Placement of grafts was considered for future loss

No work to crown

Researching HT's for the last 5 years

Consulted with many other Dr's and chose Dr. Cooley


5% Minox 2x daily - May/06

1mg Finepecia 1x daily - Dec/05

MSM 1000mg 3x daily - Aug/06

MultiVitamin 1x daily - Long time

Nizoral 1% alternated

DSM Zinc Shampoo alternated

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Thickening Shampoo alternated


Sutures instead of staples

Swelling in forehead on 3rd day which went away with ice packs

Taking Ambien at night to help sleep

Sutures itch like crazy

No pain unless pressure is applied to sutures

Started Rogaine again ~60 hours post-op

Non-Surgical Treatments:

1mg Propecia 1x Daily - Dec/05
5% Minox 2x Daily - Jun/06
1000mg MSM 3x Daily - Aug/06
Multivitamin - Longtime
DHS Shampoo alternated
Nizoral 1S% alternated
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Thickening Shampoo alternated

My Hair Loss Story

Started thinning at 19 and although everyone says I look good with a shaved head, I'm sick of the look and need a little variety. So.. after 5 years of HT reasearch, I finally decided to get the job done. So far, so good.