Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Wong


Del - AKA - delcolorado

Age: 67 | Bald Class: Bald Class 6 Email Me

Hair transplant:  March 29, 2010

My Hair Loss Story

I started losing my hair when I was 40 years old.

How has my hair loss affected me?

Mostly lack of confidence.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Hair translplant.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

Most doctors that viewed my pre-op pics were not very encouraging regarding the number of grafts they thought  possible.  I was classified as Norwood 7 (very little donor hair available). Based on these respected opinions, I had low expectations and thought I'd be lucky to get 2500 grafts.  After viewing my pictures  Dr. Wong quoted me 3000 grafts.  When I saw him on the day of surgery he said that he could get more grafts because of my skin laxity and my dense donor hair.  Given the fact that I'm 55 years old, Dr. Wong recommended a hairline that was appropriate for my age and which would also allow for more coverage over the top and back of my head.  The final count:  5,170 grafts!!  I'm very happy with my experience and results!

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Hair transplant

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

Give me another eight months and I'll tell you at that time.

My general advice and suggestions.

Do your research.