Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Madhu



Age: 34 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3a Email Me

I had my hair transplantation done (FUT, 50 INR per graft) from Dr.Madhu from Hyderabad, India on November 5 2011

I totally had 2780 grafts transplanted to the frontal region. Dr.Madhu advised me that the existing hair I have will eventually fall away after inspecting its quality. My existing hair in the front was shaved before transplanting. I was asked to wait at least 8 months to see convincing results. 

The split 

1 hair - 820 

2 hair - 1740 

3 hair - 660 

Total grafts - 2780 

Total hairs - 4960 

Total cost : 139000 INR or 2835 USD

My Hair Loss Story

I have a big head and was looking like I was bald right from my age 13. I had to start covering for my bald areas since I was 15. But that was out of ignorance. I did not know what hair loss unless I met with it.

I was so stupid to blame gene on having a hair loss and I was very much disappointed with it. I was not knowing what to do and most of the doctors I went to did not analyze the root cause. And I have been consistently losing hair since. I realized that I have almost all of my frontal region and on the sides and then the hair thinned and started showing on the crown region. 

I thought I would loose more in this pattern and would go bald within a couple of years. But then I met with one of the local dermatologist who gave a solution to prevent dandruff totally. I am applying propysalic acid lotion to my head whichever places that is itchy and I am using a shampoo given by the same dermatalogist. I am surprised to see that my hair loss being stopped. 

The next immediate thought occurred to me is to restore those balding areas by getting a decent hair transplant and I have booked one already. I will be posting my pictures and progress (which should take a year's time) in this forum.