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First of all, English is not my fisrt language so please forgive all the gramatical mistakes and the limited vocabulary. I made a big mistake in 2006 having a procedure with a local physician wich told me at that time that "nothing new happened in the field of hair restoration in the last ten years". It gives you an idea. Then we go ahead with "the gold standard" : ~500 to 700 micrographs. Fortunatly enough I had hair to do camouflage of the work and with my hair combed forward I was not looking that bad. But I was always embarassed to be under harsh light or to get outside without a hat....and be catched by the wind. Anyways, after three years of lookinhg at my hair 1000 times per day and avoiding many social situations, I finally decided to get it repaired. I choose Dr. Cooley and got 3 040 FUT on June the 18th of 2009. The breakdown is as follow : 791 single, 1,572 two, 605 three and 26 four.

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Proscar (¼ of pill each day) since 7 years. Very good result to prevent any further lost and I think I got some regrowth too. I'll try Revita shampoo and Minoxidil in the coming months.

My Hair Loss Story

 I started to slowly loose it at 22-23. No history of hairloss on both sides of my family.My brother, my cousins, my uncles, my grandfather, everybody have thick hair....I am THE "lucky" one! I gues it's just because I am smarter than all of them ;).  Seriously, I have a good life, a challenging and well paid job, pretty good success with ladies BUT it makes me almost cry each time I look at myselkf in the miror. I'll be 39 two months from now.

How has my hair loss affected me?

I know it's stupid to say but I think that I am a little less happier because of it. I know, I know, it,s just hair after all but I would be happier with more on my head.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Proscar by far. Did not yet try Minoxidil.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

First experience :  not at all. I was not disfigured and was able to disguise it most of the time but I have been cautious about my hair for the last three years because that micrograft job.

Second experience with Dr. Cooley is a different story in regards of the all planning and procedure but just time will tell what the real outcome is. One thing is for sure : Dr. Cooley and is team were dedicated to meet my goals. They worked a long day withg patience and profesionalism in oder to achieve the best possible result. I must also say that I am now three days post op and I am very surprised about how the healing is easy. I know it's not an indication of the final results but it's at leats a very good thing!

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

For the worst untill now. Let see what happen after the repair job by Dr. Cooley. I am confident it will make things better. I saw one is former patient in Montreal and was amazed by is head of hair. Let's hope it will turn

My general advice and suggestions.

Take time to make your mind. Meet and exchange with former patients. Evaluate carefully the pros and cons of it cause you cannot step back once you're in. Do as much research as possible. Shame on me that I did not applied these advises before my first transplant.