Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Feriduni



Age: 44 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

2006 FUE grafts 1 session

Non-Surgical Treatments:

1,25 mg finasteride

5% minoxidil 1,5 ml/day

My Hair Loss Story

Dear fellow sufferers.

Last Friday, 06/04/2010 I have a FUE hair transplant with Dr. Feriduni in Hasselt. This my story about my history and the day of treatment. On my 20th I started the problem faced with hair loss. My head began her noticeably less to be and knew I was not against what I had done raad. My hair stayed I could not fall out and much more with my hair which was very frustrating for me. Propecia when the market first, I was skeptical, to take something which was against hair loss. Still I do it because my frustrations every day in the mirror and see that my hair was a horror stayed in my head. I was very obsessed and sometimes could think of nothing else. The problem for me was huge psychologically and certainly when you get comments. Over time I began my forums to look into possible solutions. I took Propecia and after a while I switched to Proscar, because this was much cheaper. I noticed a clear result. My hair was thicker and the hair loss began to stop. Fortunately it hit very well with me and slowly began to accept that I'm not the only one with the problem.

Meanwhile there are other things I started to take. Around 2 years ago I started yet again with minoxidil, when I first found it rubbish. I used it only at night, but I started well to notice that my hair on my head began to grow again. Really remarkable, after it had remained unchanged for years, began slowly to grow. I also swallowed pills and omega 3 Revita shampoo used. It gave me all of a beneficial effect on my hair. Frontal remained the same so I do weather was to orient to something to do. After consult have been to Feriduni where I feel good about was taken, I have the knot cut. I was estimated at about 2000-2200 FUE grafts in one day and would be treated.

That day, Friday, 04/06/2010 place. We started at 7:30 in the morning. After some paperwork and once I get into an operation was hoisted and the hairline was signed with the grafts began to back out at about 8:30. This was a long stretch, because the whole time on your stomach with your head on a pillow and your head in the same position I started quite get pain in my neck. I really did not, but did not want to be tedious. After a ibuprofen we went again at 12 pm hours and we wanted a break. For the assistants is a difficult chore to 3.5 hours in a row that grafts having to get out. There were some 1,700 grafts removed after the break and began to punch the holes Feriduni. Then the grafts were placed back and the last 300 grafts were last removed and then placed right back where we came out of a total of 2006 grafts. It went great with me. The numbness I felt it, especially if the assistants did, but who wants to be beautiful must suffer pain. Laughed with the pretty assistants and certainly when I went to move my ears, they did not know what they saw. To properly 17:30 everything was ready and at 6 hours in the evening I stood outside. Just met a pizza and ate in my hotel room and then walked a good deal. I felt fine and had no problems, so here is the nature in it. I'm ashamed not to go, you see people do look weird, but oh those Belgians know I will not, so it makes me out. Feriduni is a really nice man. Very accommodating and I'll always call him in the middle of the night if needs be, but I slept well, so that was not necessary. The next day come back to check the link and was taken away and here are the final wash. Then I could go home, and it all went well. Can again touch the donor area without being sensitive. The group will include all planned. Now I'm 32 years old and I am almost 33 and people might have questions or other things to know, let me know, because I am only out to help other people with their decisions.

Regards, Hector

How has my hair loss affected me?

The hair gave me less confidence when I looked in the mirror. I was also depressed and so what I look for solutions. I eventually undergo a hair transplant and hopefully it gives me another big smile on my sight.

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

Finasteride and minoxidil

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

So far i am happy, but now it's 6 weeks after the hairtransplantation, so there are no results yet, but i am really happy so far.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?