Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Palakurthi



Bald Class: Bald Class 4

Undergone HT with 3354 Grafts under Dr Radha Rani .

Non-Surgical Treatments:

How has my hair loss affected me?

Caused me loss of confidence and made me look older.

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

HT experience was excellent and waiting for my results now.

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Incase of start of hair fall . Medication is the best option to keep them from falling further.

Else HT is the only way dont trust all other cheap ads and other stuff. Stay AWAY from them.

My general advice and suggestions.

Be strong and positive. All our us cannot be like moviestar's. We are unique in each and every different way.