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My Hair Loss Story

Started thinning when i was 18 and did nothing until the age of 21 and then after

tried every thing from home made remedies to homeopathic medicines but

with no avail so gave up on it until i turned 25 and people started

pointing out that i am thinning and so i decided i got do something

about my hair. So then followed whatever people said and ended up trying products which are sold by sales person, who claim themselves of being expert in ayurvedic therapies. One of my family friend suggest to go see a ayurvedic hair therapist in my

hometown and claimed that he had hear one or two good thing about him. he gave me some solution to apply and then every 3 days he would call me and would give me a machine message on my hairs, and when i protested he claimed that that's how your hair becomes strong and will grow more in numbers.. Somehow i did not liked the idea of going through that torment every other 3 days and so i stopped his therapy after a month and a half only to find out that he had done more damage than good to my hairs..Well just believe me almost all of them are crooks and you got to be really really luck to find one good therapist and even if you do, there is no guarantee that it will work for you even if they will tell you a million stories of their successful track records...Luckily, while searching hair loss remedies on the

internet, i accidentally stumbled on this great forum and i knew from

that moment that i have discovered something great... Since then i have been reading and learning a lot about hair transplant and learned how to separate an excellent surgeon form a good or bad surgeon because when it comes to your hair, you must choose the best.. I have been posting my questions and queries in this forum during these months and have received some knowledge from guys like falc..  So after spending a

good 9 months on this forum, researching and learning the good and the

bad of Hair transplant, i decided to take the plunge and got my HT done

from Dr Humayun Mohammed of Islamabad on the 15 May 2009.

My journey was not entirely a smooth journey and many hurdles came in my way. When i first made up my mind that i am gonna select Dr. Humayun Mohammed, and brought this idea on the dinning table, my parents were little skeptical of my going to Pakistan and instead made me consult with a few surgeon here in my home town. So armed with the knowledge which i had acquired on this fantastic forum by this time, i went to these docs with the list of my questionnaires and did not find them up to the mark and standard. I explained the technicalities to my parents of why they are not good and made them convince about the idea of me going to Pakistan and after fighting for this idea for about 4 months, i got my visas from the Pakistan embassy. I would also like to mention that Dr. Humayun has extended a considerable help in assisting me to get my visas done and he and shahid took care of my lodging and pickups and everything that i could ask for in advance... So i am pretty grateful to both of them for supporting me...So it was not easy but i persisted and believed in what i believed and i am pretty confident that a couple of months down the line, i will see what i believed ...


How has my hair loss affected me?

Well it would be incorrect if i would say that i was not bothered by my thinning.. Although i have had ample native hairs to show any patches but the hairs were thin enough to show that i am bald when i went in to a pool or a strong wind would dishelve my style.. Within last couple of years people around had started pointing out that hey you going bald do some thing about it and such comments which i used to hate.. No body likes to go bald and to be pointed out by people around... So it had affected my confidence in someway...

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

I guess finestride and minox had worked best..but i wanted greater coverage so went for HT..

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

I am happy with the initial results of the surgey..I am just couple of days old with surgery so i am still to experience the results, which i am pretty sure that they are gonna turn out fine and i cant wait to find out what it would be like ...

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

I am not an expert in hair treatments but just be sure what you are doing and dont let people around you decide whats best for you.. Take the charge in your hand and try to learn than to listen and follow..

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

I still have to experience the thrill of fully grown transplanted hair but one thing is sure that i am already started to feel great about myself...

My general advice and suggestions.

Dont rush in to thing while selecting and finalizing your HT Surgeon.. First learn what HT is all about.. discuss your questions and queries on this forum.. Then with that help and knowledge, try finding your surgeon and remember dont forget to meet half a dozen of his patient and try to talk and find out more about the procedure...