Transplant Procedure Info

Procedure 1
Dr. Hasson



Age: 48 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

Three sessions:

1.) June 18th, 1995...1100  Grafts  DR. Rassman

2.) May 26th, 2008...500  Grafts   Dr. Pitchon

3.) August 10th 2009...3486 FU Grafts   DR. Hasson

Non-Surgical Treatments:



My Hair Loss Story

I began noticing some recession of the
frontal hairline at age 19.  The loss was fairly fast by age  21 I
was almost  NW3a.  At that time I started using Minox (5%) and
proscar at 1.25mg, and had some response, but no re-growth it only stopped
my shedding and hair loss. So I kept taking Minox and proscar until I was age
24. Then I decided to get my 1st  HT with Dr. Rassman of NHI in California. The
total transplanted graphs were 1100 micros which only gave me a very light and sparse
hair line.  So, the years went by and I’ve had no further hair loss ( I
reacted well with fina and minox).

Then on May 26th of last year at age
37  I finally decided to take the plunge and do another  hair
transplant procedure. At that time I went with Dr. Marcelo Pitchon from Brazil.
I don't know what happened but for my disappointment I’ve had absolutely no
growth and as matter of fact even 14 months after the HT it’s still hard to
believe that not a single hair grew.  I
assumed that Dr. Pitchon used a very poor technique.    It was indeed a very traumatic experience.

So, after my 2nd
HT I was left with much less hair in the top of my head  and a ½ an inch wide scar in the back . It
just became obvious that I needed a 3rd procedure to repair and
actually achieve what that 2nd procedure was supposed to do.  That is when 
I started to research online (  and saw some of the amazing results that Dr. Hasson
had achieved with the lateral slit technique and dense packing. So, I
researched a little more but still had some doubts , that’s when I decided to
call Hasson and Wong and spoke with Joe aka Jotronic and he suggested that I
send some pictures so Dr. Hasson could evaluate … Then, after a day Joe called
me back and we talked about my concerns and past traumatic experiences , we had
a couple of laughs on the phone and he explained what Dr. Hasson suggested , I’ve
felt no pressure from him and any one from Dr. Hasson’s clinic and that was
very encouraging . The next morning I called then and arranged my 3rd HT procedure
confident and full of hopes ….