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Dr. Keene



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May 2008 - Dr Boles of Nuhart 800 grafts (mistake!) --- my donor area was wider than he told me it would be.  argh
Jan 2009 - Dr Keene 2000 grafts (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)
Nov 2009 - Dr Panine 2600 grafts (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)

Non-Surgical Treatments:


My Hair Loss Story

I had always had a lot of hair then about the age of 30, I started noticing my scalp, but the thinning process was very slow.  By the time I hit 37-38, my crown started to show and my right temple receded back about 1.5" within 9 months but the other temple stayed put --- odd enough.  Had first procedure with Dr. Boles at Nuhart.  He only opted for 800 grafts.  Why so low?  Good question.  He left me with a scar on back that my next 2 HT docs said wasn't horrible, but about 1/8-1/4" thick.  The good news was that neither could tell Dr Boles grafts from the natural.    He put about 600+ around my entire crown (again, not much) and the remaining grafts in my temple that had receded so much.  By the time I went to Dr #2 (Keene), she said it looked like Dr Boles gave me about 5 grafts per sq/cm.  What the crap (WTC)?
Though no work was done on my left temple, it receded back but only about 3/4".  My whole frontal area continued to thin.  So about 8-9 months later, I went to Dr. Keene.  She gave me 2000 grafts - 1500 to begin the restoration of my hairline/frontal area and put the remainer in my crown where I had a small area of exposed scalp.   By month 4-5 I kind of freaked out (in a good way) to see my hairline sort of coming back, though my right temple was still back further than I wanted.
Having moved to Nashville and being almost 11 months out, i wanted to shoot for one more (hopefully last HT) and opted for Dr. Panine.  He gave me 2600 grafts - 2000 to fully restore (at least that's the plan) my hairline and give more density to my frontal area.  The other 600 placed on the left side of my crown to cover up the thinned area -- these 600 should finish covering all my crown.
I'm waiting for pics to post.   But that's the history so far   :)