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Twins Jeffrey & Jason

Twins Jeffrey & Jason

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My twin brother and I had our procedures on Dec. 15th and 17th 2009. We are both pleased with how the healing process has gone. It was exciting seeing Jason in the operating chair after talking about having the surgery done for so long. The personal touch we got from Dr. Charles the minute we walked into his surgery center until we walked out was truly amazing. His attention to detail and almost fanatic passion to nail our surgeries to the highest standard was awesome! Both of our surgeries were really smooth and his staff treated us like a loving family. I had approximately 2800 grafts done and Jason had around 2700 with minimal pain and bleeding throughout our procedures.Thank you Dr. Charles and staff for giving us excellent treatment at your office in Boca Raton FL! We can't express our gratitude enough for how happy we are to finally have the procedure done. Looking forward to a full head of hair again!

My Hair Loss Story

Our names are Jeffrey and Jason and we are identical twin brothers. Our hair loss really began progressing about 5 years ago at the age of 30. Prior to that we noticed some moderate hair loss but then it really took off in our late 20's and early 30's. We started feeling fairly uncomfortable with the hair loss pattern we were experiencing. Even more so because we didn't have to look into a mirror to see the hair loss, all we had to do was look at each other. We started doing extensive research on our options to try to correct the hair loss or at least slow it down. Safe to say we tried almost everything available to men for the problem. Our last option was to do a hair transplant procedure if we were to ever have a full head of hair again. We had several consultations along the way in making a final decision of who we were going to trust enough to recreate our unique identity together. We were looking for a highly recommended hair transplant specialist that didn't just have a ton of procedures under his belt, but also had many patients that were totally thrilled about their results. The Foundation for Hair Restoration came up at the top of our list through a tremendous amount of time searching for not only the right doctor, but also the staff that would be involved with the procedures.  Our main goal was to attain a natural and highly undetectable result once the new hair grew back in. We scheduled a personal consultation with Dr. Glenn Charles to get confirmation that he was the doc for the prodedure. The first time we met, we both felt confident and comfortable in Dr. Charles and his staff.

How has my hair loss affected me?

The hair loss Jason and I experienced over the past 10 years was no fun at all. I can honestly say that after a shower, swim in the pool, or a little wind in the face, the true hair loss exposure was real and highly noticeable. At 35 years of age, my twin brother and I felt we were to young to lose all of our hair.  It was time to  do something..

Am I happy with my hair transplant experience and the results?

We are now at about 9 weeks since the hair transplant surgery. Patiently waiting for the results of new hair, which should be arriving very soon. Jason had his sutures removed by a nurse who works for a plastic surgeon in Jacksonville FL and she commented that the handy work of Dr. Glenn Charles was truly remarkable. Dr. Charles uses a double layer closure process on the donor area to make it hardly noticable.  The tenderness from the donor area is pretty much gone for both of us at this time.

How has hair restoration surgery changed my life?

We both feel positive about having the procedure done. A persons own natural hair is being placed somewhere else on the head.

My general advice and suggestions.

Our advice is this. If you are going to spend the money on this procedure, make sure you got the right surgeon doing it. Dr. Charles highlighted things in the consultation both my twin brother and I never heard before in any consultation we had been to previously. Example: the temple area receiting back. Work in this area is a big key to getting the most natural and undetectable results. You can tell when someone is passionate and uniquely gifted at what they do. The entire team in Dr. Charles office is talented and highly experienced in every position. These are the things to look for when considering this procedure. Everyone involved will have impact on your final appearance when all is said and done..