Transplant Procedure Info

Procedure 1
Dr. Haber



Age: 45 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v Email Me

1 session
1245 Grafts.
Dr. Robert Haber

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Minxodil 5% twice daily

Biotion 5000mcg

My Hair Loss Story

I first noticed hair thinning on top in the summer of 2008. Looking back through wedding photos 2 years prior I had a full head of hair, so the loss must have happened relatively soon before I noticed it. Initially thought it was stress related, as I wasn't losing my hair line, and the hair loss was kind of patchy. Tried Nioxin and Nizoral for about 3 months, with no effect. Decided to try Propecia, and this filled in the thickness enough that I had thought things were ok, but I realized that though my hair had thickened up, unless it was styled right it would still look thin on top. My hair's a little on the long side, and I'm active and outdoors alot, so keeping it in place with hair products wasn't an option.
After a year on propecia I contacted Dr. Haber. He took a considerable amount of time talking to me during the consultation, and suggested 1200 grafts to fill in the gaps in the front part of my scalp.  I agreed and a few months later I had surgery (it took me a few months to clear up my schedule to get in).
Just had the surgery a few days ago. It was really a great experience. Dr. Haber is a really great guy, good sense of humor, as well as his staff. They really made the experience very easy, and actually fun. I was thrilled to find someone so reknowned so close to home, and also so easy going.
1245 Grafts were taken out. Looking forward to the next few months and seeing the progress!
When I first started this process I attempted to manage my hair with only propecia. It helped alot to stabilize my hair loss, but after about a year and a half I started to get more shedding in the back. I started using rogaine with propecia and haven't had any issues since. I mention this only because I was trying to see what would work systematically, rather than trying everything at once, and I now firmly believe that if you are starting to thin that you should get on both propecia and rogaine at the same time to get the best results, rather than  just trying one or the other.