Hair Transplant Info

Procedure 1

Dr. Alexander



Age: 34 | Bald Class: Bald Class 3v

Originally my surgery was set for 2700 grafts but with the lack of hair I provided on the strip it came to 1965. However, I realized this is a very positive thing in reality. Dr Alexander explained why he didn't continue to cut further for more grafts was because he wanted to keep the scar from extending farther then needed. This shows his professionalism and concern of his patients. He then explained we could come back in a year and complete the remaining grafts after the scar heals on the section that had been removed for this procedure. Thus, eliminating the size of the scar. This is what makes me respect Dr. Alexander, he doesn't rush this procedure because his main concern is the quality of the outcome. I am looking forward to seeing how the nearly 2000 grafts currently come in and then assessing the remaining at a later date. Below is a list of the follicles that were placed:

Length of strip: 31 cm

Width of strip: 1 cm  

Singles: 634

Doubles: 1290

Multis: 41

Total: 1965 grafts

Non-Surgical Treatments:

I currently take pro-scar and rogaine.  

My Hair Loss Story

I always joke that my hair loss started when I got married, but sadly this is the truth. My wife of course had nothing to do with it but I always like to tell her she did. (Joking of Course) Hair loss however has been something that has been bothering me for the last four years. I am really insecure about my hair loss because of my younger age. Growing up I always had the hair everyone else wanted, it was thick, it had good texture, and just looked looked nice. Now I want the hair I use to have. After years of debating and going through the I will just shave it stage, I finally decided to get the permanent fix with transplants. I began my research and discovered Dr. Alexander and his great work! After meeting with him and discussing the procedure I knew he was the Dr. I would go with! This is something no one should take lightly. Making the right choice of doctors is everything! Don't hesitate using Dr. Alexander, he is very professional and loves what he does. 8/26/10 was the day of my procedure and I am writing about the procedure now and it has only been 3 hours since its completion. Needless to say, it went very smooth!

What hair loss treatments have worked best for me?

I am very happy with the procedure and how smoothly it went! Dr. Alexander is the best at what he does!

What hair loss treatments would I recommend?

Transplants.... don't wait like I did, just do it!